So less than 2 weeks ago I posted on Facebook and Twitter that I thought it would be possible to do a juice reboot on a budget and that I might give it a try. Fast forward to today and I and a bunch of people from not just the UK, but Ireland, the United States, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and possibly some other countries I’ve forgotten to mention (sorry) are all spending a week on nature’s finest juices without breaking the bank.

For example, Rachel got all her ingredients in Birmingham, UK for just £22.69. That is less than £3.25 per day, or put another way a whole day of plant based nutrition for less than a single fast food meal. Oh, and I suspect it is possible to do it even cheaper!

There has been much in the media recently about celebrity juice detoxes, international juicing retreats and pre-made, delivered juices. Whilst I am in no way trying to be critical of any of these things, I also hope to make it clear that juicing can be accessible to all.

Candle Lit Green Juice for 2

Romantic evening in with a candle lit green juice for two 🙂

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