So today is day 7 of the Budget Juice Reboot, the final day of the juice only detox. I hope everyone enjoyed the recipes – my personal favourites are The Red One, Sweet Potato Pie and Kale of Duty. I have been overwhelmed by the number of people taking part – there have been over 1,000 visits to my website since it launched just under 2 weeks ago with visitors from 40 different countries!

From a personal perspective I have really enjoyed this week and according to my bathroom scales I’ve shed 13 pounds! For the last few weeks before this reboot I’ve not been following my normal diet and lifestyle and knew I had probably gained a few pounds. To be honest I no longer focus too much on my weight as I know if I give my body good nutrition and am active it will always find it’s natural weight. Talking of being active, if you are reading this thinking you would like to do a juicing reboot and have doubts about energy levels when on nothing but juice for 7 days, I have completed almost 50 miles this week (mainly running) as part of my charity challenge to do 2013 “self-powered” miles in 2013.

How to eat after a juice only reboot

For those who have been doing the budget juice reboot with me and may be wondering what to eat tomorrow, I urge you to reintroduce solid food slowly, eating a light, plant based diet for at least the first few days. For the next week I expect to have 2-3 juices per day and 1 plant based meal. For example, tomorrow I will have juice for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack and then a freshly made vegetable soup in the evening. If you are not keen on soup, then I would suggest a simple salad perhaps with some avocado. Tuesday I will continue to have juices throughout the day and have something like falafel and salad, vegetable ramen or raw courgette (zucchini) “pasta” with a tomato sauce. All food will be homemade from basic ingredients and I do not plan to eat anything processed.

Next weekend I am out with Friends celebrating a birthday (not mine) and will not be worrying too much about what I choose from the menu. If you read my article Health: How Much Difference Does A Month Make? you will know that I believe both good and bad health are compounded by persistent behaviour – one bad meal doesn’t make you unhealthy just like one green juice will not be sufficient to help your body heal itself.

I would love to hear from anyone that has completed the Budget Juice Reboot. You can share your experience in the comments box below or on Facebook and Twitter.

May the juice be with you (always),


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