I am a firm believer that you cannot put a price on health – have you looked at the cost of diseases like cancer? That said I am a realist. We live in a world where highly processed foods with little nutritional value are cheaper than natural foods like vegetables and fruit. This have resulted in many families opting to eat ‘food’ of a lower nutritional quality simply because they cannot, or believe they cannot, afford to eat well.

Although I normally prefer to get the best quality juicing ingredients I can, in September 2013 I put together a 7 day juice detox on a very tight budget. I wanted to prove that healthy doesn’t have to be costly!

I had a number of people join me not just from the UK, but Ireland, the United States, Canada, Cyprus, Dubai, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania and possibly some other countries I’ve forgotten to mention (sorry) all of whom spent a week on nature’s finest juices without breaking the bank.

For example, Rachel got all her ingredients in Birmingham, UK for just £22.69. That is less than £3.25 per day, or put another way a whole day of plant based nutrition for less than a single fast food meal. Oh, and I suspect it is possible to do it even cheaper!

There has been much in the media recently about celebrity juice detoxes, international juicing retreats and pre-made, delivered juices. Whilst I am in no way trying to be critical of any of these things, I also hope to make it clear that juicing can be accessible to all.

I based the recipes on easy to find and cheap ingredients that can be sourced from the UK’s “big four” supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Morrisons). However, if you can’t source an ingredient then feel free to substitute it with something similar (spinach instead of kale for example).

What is the budget?

So if unemployment benefit (Job Seekers Allowance) is £71.70 per week in the UK, the average fast food meal is approx £5 and a delivered juice detox is typically £35 – £50 per day, how much should the ingredients cost per day on a budget juice reboot? Well, when devising the recipes I only purchased produce from mainstream supermarkets and yet the average daily cost is less than £4.50! I am sure you can find produce cheaper than the big 4 supermarkets if you shop around.

To keep your costs low, I suggest buying some of the ingredients a little in advance. For example, “ripen at home” avocados are a lot cheaper than the “ripe and ready” ones. You can freeze ripe avocados and blend them into your smoothies from frozen too – just remove the skin and stone before freezing! You can also freeze many other ingredients including bananas and berries.

So how cheap can juicing be? I’d love to hear how everyone gets on so please comment on the recipes to let me know how little you paid for the ingredients or share your money saving tips.

Here are links to the shopping list, schedule and recipes:

Note: you can also download the shopping list and schedule using the “Free Downloads” button on my Facebook page.

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Get involved

If you decide to use the Budget Juice Reboot, I would to hear from you on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/naturaljuicejunkie), Twitter (@thejuicejunkie) or via the comments box below.

May the juice be with you (always)!


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