Here is the eighth instalment in my series on common juicing mistakes:

Not Juicing

I’ve met many people who say they go to the gym, when what they really mean is that they have a gym membership. Joining a gym and actually going to the gym are two very different things. Similarly, owning a juicer is not the same as using one!

Perhaps the biggest juicing mistake of all is making excuses about why you are not juicing. You may be able to think of a thousand excuses for not juicing, but believe me if you start juicing regularly your body will thank you for it.

Just think of all the goodness even one juice a day can deliver to your cells. All the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids that your body needs in a highly bio-available form. These days I drink more plant based goodness for breakfast than the old me used to eat in a day (or possibly even a week)!

Based on my own personal experience and the experiences of many other people I’ve met that have embraced juicing I truly believe that juicing can help give our bodies improve in so many ways – a stronger immune system, reduced illness, weight loss / maintaining a health weight, clearer skin, better mental clarity; the list is endless.

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