Here is the forth instalment in my series on common juicing mistakes:

Using Too Many Sweet Fruits and Vegetables In Your Green Juice

Juicing provides a quick and easy way to get nature’s finest plant based nutrients, because these nutrients are extracted from the fibre that binds them. This makes the nutrients in freshly extracted juices highly bio-available and means they are absorbed straight into your bloodstream, providing your body with a rapid intake of of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. That’s the good news! The not so good news is that juicing can also expose your body to a large amount of sugar in the form of fructose (fruit sugar).

Despite what you may read in the papers, not all sugar is bad for you and in fact, your body needs sugar to survive. I’m a firm believer that not all sugars are the same and the ones coming directly from nature do not have the same impact as the highly refined sugars added to processed foods, such as white refined sugar or other processed sugars like High Fructose Corn Syrup (known as glucose-fructose syrup here in the UK)

That said, it may still a good idea to think about how much fruit you are adding to your green juices, especially if you are sensitive to glycemic fluctuations.

I’m not saying avoid fruit. I use fruit in most of my vegetable juices to improve the flavour, but please don’t fool yourself in to thinking that a juice made with 6 pieces of fruit and garnished with a single spinach leaf is green!

Personally I like to base most of my green juices on low-sugar, high-water vegetables (e.g. cucumber and celery) add plenty of greens, and then add a small amount of apple, pineapple or pear to sweeten the flavour.

If you are new to juicing, or trying to get your kids to try your juices, please don’t be afraid to add additional fruit to begin with and then simply reduce it as your taste buds adapt and you too start to become a green juice junkie!

A note on refined sugars: Refined sugars such as white refined sugar or other processed sugars like High Fructose Corn Syrup (known as glucose-fructose syrup here in the UK) have been labeled the sweetest poison, toxic, harmful and recently in the film ‘Hungry For Change’… a drug. Unfortunately it does seem a little extreme to label a food as a drug but when you look at how sugar (especially the highly refined and processed kinds) are metabolized by your body then you can begin to understand why.

Sugar when taken in excessive amounts can lead to cravings and addictions, quite similar to those with alcohol and tobacco, yet we have no problem labeling them as drugs. As Jason Vale says in the film ‘Hungry For Change’, “it’s illegal to give a child cigarettes and alcohol, and so it should be, but it’s not illegal to give them white refined sugar or refined fats.”

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