Beauty expert, Liz Earle says “juices are the ideal skin food for this and can also be easily adapted to suit varying skin conditions.” In an article published by UK newspaper The Telegraph Liz Earle declares herself as an enthusiastic juicer saying that “good skin is created from within and it needs a steady stream of highly absorbable nutrients to keep it supple, strong and clear.” Her glowing complexion attests to the benefits that micronutrients in freshly pressed fruit and vegetables can bring.

I’ve been juicing since early 2010, when most people I met found the idea that I would have a green juice as a meal completely insane. Thankfully I ignored the critics and used juicing to repair my health and shed over 70 pounds (5 stone) in body weight. Since then juicing has become fashionable. Celebrity magazines are filled with more and more stories about juice detoxes, juice cleanses, juice diets and juice reboots. Models and actresses gloat about their regimes: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley attributes her lithe figure to juicing; Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba are aficionados too. Juicing companies are rapidly appearing all over the world offering daily deliveries, direct to your home or office, some for hundreds of pounds or dollars per week.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

No doubt much of the current global interest in juicing is down to Joe Cross’s awesome documentary,  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Liz Earle is not jumping on Joe Cross’ bandwagon. “I’ve been a fan since I started writing about beauty and wellbeing 30 years ago,” she says. “I have been on various juice fasts, the longest being 10 days of pure juices, combined with a spoonful of powdered bentonite clay, which contains magnesium and traces of many other minerals and which has the ability to bind with toxins, such as heavy metals, to draw out internal gunk that can clog the colon. Obviously, it is really important only to undertake a fast like that under the daily supervision of a naturopath or doctor,” she adds.

Liz Earle is a “big fan” of masticating, cold press, slow juicers saying, “It’s like cold-pressing a plant oil; it produces less heat and friction, so it preserves more of the fruit and vegetables’ nutritional value”. She adds that a juice fast can, “relieve constipation, clear the digestive system, and rehydrate, and so help with dark circles under the eyes. But you need to chew the juice thoroughly, mixing it with saliva to help pre-digest it before you swallowing – don’t just glug gallons of pure juice.”

Check out Liz Earle’s Greenie Genie juice recipe: a juice to help acne or problem skin


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