Many juicers (and juicing recipes) seem to ignore salad leaves when preparing green juices, instead using dark green vegetables such as spinach and kale. However, in the Budget Juice Reboot programme there are two recipes that include romaine lettuce (Easy Green and Romaine Goddess). I chose to use romaine as it is a complete protein with all 8 essential amino acids and also a great source of calcium, iron, B-vitamins, vitamin C and omega-3s.

Now a new article by Linda Kordich (wife of 90 year old juicing legend Jay Kordich) published on focuses the surprising health benefits of lettuce.

In the article Linda Kordich talks about how Dr Norman Walker, a pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health, told her back in the 1960s that we need to seriously focus on the “lettuces”.

Dr Norman Walker says this about lettuces:

“When combined with carrot juice, the properties and health benefits of lettuce juice are magnified by the addition of vitamin A in the carrot. Lettuce contains more than 38% potassium, 15% calcium, more than 5% iron and around 6% magnesium. Magnesium has revitalizing powers for muscular tissues, the brain and nerves.”

He goes on to say…

”The organic salts in magnesium are essential cell builders. Our metabolism would just not work without the assistance of magnesium. Lettuce also contains more than 9% phosphorus which is one of the principal constituents of the brain and an ample supply of sulphur – one of the component parts of the hemoglobin of the blood. 8% silicon – this together with phosphorus and sulphur – give us correct maintenance for skin, hair and nails.”

Juicing advocates understand the health benefits of lettuce juice. Why? Because one of the things we are missing in this day of age, are ways to get ‘trace’ minerals into our daily diet. Not just ‘trace’ minerals to use as a supplement, rather, trace minerals, from juicing these lettuces – which are 100% absorbable.

Linda Kordich’s advice is that anybody who has kidney weakness, or inflammation (or even bladder issues) would do very well by juicing lettuce several times a week and that it is also great to drink lettuce juice when you are excessively ‘hot’ or need a good, balanced tonic after or before a workout to give you back the potassium/sodium you will lose.

Adding carrots and radishes to lettuce juice will deliver an even greater variety of nutrients.

By the way, if you are juicing for weight loss, lettuce juice will help the body release excessive water (and the associated weight).

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