In a recent interview with Polly Noble, I asked her “if you were stuck on a desert island with a working juicer and blender and an unlimited supply of just 6 ingredients, what would those ingredients be?” Here is Polly’s desert island juicing recipe made from 5 of the 6 ingredients she selected. If you are looking for a new green juicing recipe as an alternative to the Mean Green juice featured in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead then maybe you will love this as much as Polly does.

Polly Noble Desert Island Juice IngredientsJuicy Ingredients

  • 6 leaves cavalo nero (also known as┬áTuscan kale and Black Cabbage)
  • ┬╝ pineapple
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 thumb sized chunk of ginger (or a bit more if you are feeling brave!)

How to Make It

Simply juice all the ingredients (cavalo nero, pineapple, apple, lemon and ginger) and serve over ice.

Note: if you are using a centrifugal juicer (like the Philips wide neck juicers, Sage juicers or Breville Juice Fountain) then I suggest putting half the apple in the chute, packing the cavalo nero, ginger and lemon in tightly and placing the other half apple on top. Then juice the pineapple. This will get you the maximum yield from the kale.

Polly Noble Desert Island Juicing

A delicious green juice recipe from Polly Noble

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