Have you seen the US TV commercials for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” where the guy says  “I can have sex now. It’s a big deal”? That man is Dan Miller and when I saw that commercial I knew I wanted to share his story.

In January 2011, Dan weighed 339 pounds and was 154 pounds overweight. On his website he says that “something finally clicked” in July 2011. He was watching NetFlix and discovered the documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead“. Both Dan and his wife began a juice reboot in August 2011. Dan says “we wanted and needed to jump-start my/our new lifestyle. I consumed nothing but fresh, raw veggie juice (including veggie broth, tea, water) – all day, everyday, for 10 days”. He admits to being a little skeptical at first and wondering if he could “really go 10 days without eating solid food!?”

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Real People Getting Real Results

Neil Martin: When did you first start juicing and how did you first learn about the idea?

Dan Miller: I had known about juicing for many years but had not really implemented it for my own weight loss and search for optimum health.  Back in the 80’s I had a Champion Juicer and was familiar with Jay Kordich and the Gerson Therapy, but mainly recommended terminally ill clients to Gerson and only juiced apples & carrots every now & then.

Neil Martin: What made you decide to start juicing?

Dan Miller: I was already attempting weight loss with fasting and “Natural Hygiene” and the [Harvey] Diamond “Fit for Life” model but it was slow going and didn’t really work with the level of obesity I was dealing with.  My wife came across the Joe Cross documentary “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” on Netflix and Phil Staples inspired me to begin.  I made the decision and just started.  We bought a Breville Juicer the next day….the rest is history.  That was 2-1/2 years ago.

Neil Martin: Did you follow a specific program, if so which one?

Dan Miller: I followed my own program but based on RebootWithJoe.com parameters.

For months, prior to having seen the documentary and starting regular juicing I had already weaned myself off of crappy foods, meats, coffee, booze, dairy – did an 8-day fasting Herbal Juicing Colon Cleanse to begin the cleansing process.

“I started with a 3-day veggie juice fast reboot…it morphed into 3 more days, then 3 more days”

After [watching] the “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” documentary, I started with a 3-day veggie juice fast reboot…it morphed into 3 more days, then 3 more days.  I was drinking up to 72oz (2.5 litres) of rainbow veggie juices during the day, and having some kind of simmered pulp soup/veggie broth/veggie puree (based on the Gerson Therapy ‘Hippocrates Soup’) in the evenings at the dinner table with my family.  I did this regimen everyday for about 8 months.

After I dropped about 80 pounds, I added whole fruit for breakfast and snacked on raw nuts/seeds/carrots & homemade hummus or bean dips.  I implemented more of Dr. Fuhrman’s (Joe & Phil’s monitoring doctor in the film) eating recommendations of G-BOMBS and recipes from the “Eat To Live” book – primarily a Plant-Based Whole Foodist regimen.

Neil Martin: What have you found to be the biggest changes / benefits you’ve experienced since you started juicing?

Dan Miller: The biggest change was achieving successful extreme weight loss – I averaged about 10 pounds per month over the course of 1 year. I completely changed what I put into my ‘pie-hole’ and, in turn changed my health.

The changes were implemented over the course of about 6-8 months and benefits were realized quickly.  I overcame food addictions with veggie Juices – improved my taste buds and learned new food recipes.  I abstained from all Animal products, Eggs, Dairy, refined/processed/packaged high sodium, high fat and addictive foods.

“Exercise alone was a huge shift for me – I have never been an athletic type guy”

After I lost 80 pounds – I started a simple movement and exercise routine.  Nothing boot-camp style – just simple Rebounding, Pilates/Yoga moves, walking & bicycling with some swimming added later (when I felt comfortable in a swimsuit).  Exercise alone was a huge shift for me – I have never been an athletic type guy, but now I have more energy to do so.

The benefits I have experienced are vast and the list lengthy!  My body is coming into a balance I have never experienced in my 53 years. I look better with a vibrant glow.  I feel better with a noticeable spring in my step.

“I had man-boobs, low libido and sexual dysfunction”

A couple years back I had been loaded with annoying symptoms, aches & pains and I snored like a chain saw, had sleep apnea and hadn’t slept well in years (and thanks to me, neither had my wife)…but, unimpressively, and somewhat embarrassing – I would nod off easily during the middle of the day in mid-conversation with people. I had been pre-diabetic and suffered from hypoglycemic crashes, digestive issues and severe migraines.  A Health Practitioner’s screening had showed severe levels of toxic burden, and dangerous adrenal and thyroid levels.  I had suffered from allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory conditions. I was sedentary with poor circulation, thick red ankles and edema.  For several years at my peak weight, my hormones were all outta whack – I had man-boobs, low libido and sexual dysfunction – a cautionary precursor to inevitable heart disease.

I had craved and consumed cheese, milk and eggs, caffeine, booze, processed refined carbs and sugary treats. I would belch, bloat, burp and fart after every meal and usually succumbed to an after dinner nap.  I had been over-eating a lot of processed vegetarian/vegan snack foods (in a feeble attempt to eat ‘healthier’), rich & fatty restaurant food and was nutritionally starving myself – my diet was pretty much devoid of any fresh vegetables.

I do not experience any of those chronic symptoms any more.  I have improved equilibrium and co-ordination. I don’t have migraines or sleep apnea any longer.  My doctor’s scans are A-okay with normal cholesterol and blood pressure readings. I am not hot n’ sweaty anymore. I feel rejuvenated. I feel younger. I am far more active than ever before, because I have endless amounts of super energy.

“I can DO things ‘in the bedroom’ again ~ I can SEE things again; like my feet and everything in between”

Getting dressed, tying my shoes and getting in & out of the car is easier now.  Our grocery & food bill has reduced by HALF compared to previous years. Others, especially my wife are benefiting from my weight loss;  Not only has she lost weight, trimmed up and reversed her debilitating osteo and heart conditions, – she now enjoys dressing me and shopping for my new, less-expensive, smaller sized clothes (no more overpriced, bland plus sizes at Mr. Big n’ Fat stores!)  She also sleeps through the night without my ‘jimmy-legs’ and snoring to contend with.  I now have improved libido & impressive vitality.   Much to her delight, I can DO things ‘in the bedroom’ again ~ I can SEE things again; like my feet and everything in between – if you get my drift?

Juicing for Weight Loss: Dan Loses 143 Pounds and "Can Have Sex Again"

Neil Martin: Since you started juicing what have you found most challenging and how did you deal with this challenge?

Dan Miller: The biggest challenge was overcoming the addiction to processed/refined foods like high sodium, high fat, and high sugary foods.

It was also a challenge to accept the detrimental effects that animal products, eggs & dairy had on my body.  My primary diet had shown a strong addiction to meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, booze and sugar.  I dealt with it simply by drinking more juice, undergoing uncomfortable detox, and educating myself.

After watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives” I was introduced to the 40 years of research accumulated by T. Colin Campbell and read “The China Study” and “WHOLE“.  Knowledge from his work scientifically convinced me to abstain from animal products & dairy.  My wife and I supported each other and we took the challenge presented by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Nelson Campbell and beneficial results were realized within weeks – especially for my wife.  Results empowered us to overcome the food addictions which had caused my obesity and our chronic and debilitating ailments and disease.

Neil Martin: How has juicing changed your life?

Dan Miller: Everything has changed – all aspects from my personal, spiritual, mental, physical, through to my family improving their health, and on to my business going through a paradigm shift whereby everything finally connected and made sense.

After 20 years as a Health & Wellness Professional – I had never made nutritional considerations to resolve my own obesity and overwhelming chronic conditions.  I added to my vast knowledge in Ozone & Oxygen Therapies and Environmental & Lifestyle Sciences, and recently graduated with a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition and am further continuing my education as a Drugless Practitioner and Wholistic Nutrition Consultant to continue my quest assisting others on their journey to optimum health without the need for surgery, pharmaceuticals or invasive toxic medical treatments.

Neil Martin: What has been your biggest juicing mistake and why?

Dan Miller: Years ago…in the beginning — juicing only fruits.  Fruit juices will not aid obese diabetic folks to lose weight – that is misleading and dietary mis-information.  Blending smoothies falls into that same category if you are struggling with obesity.  You need to consume freshly extracted Vegetable juices and eat Plant foods to lose weight and gain optimum health.

Neil Martin: Which do you think is more essential to health and wellbeing, exercise or diet and nutrition?

Dan Miller: It would have to be nutrition and dietary considerations.

“Dispel diet myths – If you want to get healthy, you have to change what you eat.”

Dispel diet myths – If you want to get healthy, you have to change what you eat.  I was way too obese to gain anything from boot-camp exercise.  Just walking across the street was a struggle, plus when I did exercise I usually got hurt.  After I lost 100 pounds with Veggie Juicing & Plant-based food choices…I was able to start exercising and I wanted to start moving again – therefore it was more enjoyable and effortless to just begin.

Neil Martin: How much and what kinds of exercise do you regularly do?

Dan Miller: Nothing boot-camp style – just simple Rebounding, Pilates/Yoga moves, stretching/meditation, walking & bicycling with some swimming thrown in every now & then.  I also love hiking out in our surrounding desert southwest enjoying nature and sunshine, or rock-hounding and prospecting.

Neil Martin: What do you eat / drink on a typical day?

Dan Miller: I only eat plant-based whole foods like fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes/peas, nuts/seeds, whole grains.  I also drink 1-3 16oz/500ml veggie juices every day in and amongst:  oatmeal/fruit for breakfast, veggie sandwiches, veggie soups/stews, Asian- Indian – Mediterranean style baked – grilled – stewed or sautéed vegetables, hummus, guacamole, sprouts & big salads.  I have eliminated all meat, dairy and eggs, and considerably reduced sodium, fats and sugary dessert foods.

Neil Martin: Is your diet completely vegetarian / vegan?

Dan Miller: 100% Plant-Based Whole Foodist – I exclusive eat & drink only plants.

Whole foods that come from plants – not packaged foods derived from plants, but foods that are plants like: fruits, grains, leaves, roots, legumes, flowers, and nuts— and mushrooms a separate category because they can’t be easily categorized as part of a plant.

“I Eat Plants!”

I differentiate strongly between vegetarians that eat dairy & eggs and junk-food vegans that tend to eat little fresh produce and primarily processed or refined packaged foods.  I eat plants!

“Almost every part of the plant is edible, nutritious, and delicious”

Obviously, roots are the parts of plants that grow below the ground. Leaves include all lettuces, kale, spinach, celery, collards, Swiss chard, cabbage, and so on. Fruits are the parts of plants that contain seeds, such as tomatoes, apples, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and oranges. Grains consist of the seeds themselves: wheat, corn, barley, quinoa, oats, and the like. Legumes are made up of all the different types of beans: soy, pinto, red, black, lentils, kidney, and even peanuts. Flowers are broccoli, cauliflower, dandelions, etc. For nuts, I include all tree nuts.

Almost every part of the plant is edible, nutritious, and delicious, and each part has a different nutrient composition; even the smallest sprout of seed, legume, flower, root, nut, grain or leaf categories play a power-packed ‘alive’ superfood role of the utmost nutritional density.

When I cook with or use oil sparingly, it is cold-pressed Olive, Coconut or Grapeseed Oil.  If I use packaged foods they are as Whole as possible and with limited ingredients as with breads, crackers, tortillas, nori wraps or rice/grain/pasta carbohydrate products.

Juicing for Weight Loss: Dan Loses 143 Pounds and "Can Have Sex Again"

Neil Martin: What are your thoughts on caffeine and alcohol?

Dan Miller: Born & raised in Seattle Washington – the birthplace of Starbucks coffee, I was addicted to ‘MochalattaChocolattaCalories’ with the accompanying pastry and that totally contributed to my addiction to my daily sweet fix.

Maybe on special occasions I may have organic coffee with nut milk, but usually I replace that beverage with something like vegetable juice, herbal or green tea, water or Raw Cacao nut latte.

I do not drink alcohol anymore – for much the same reasons I do not usually choose coffee.  Boozing it up was an addiction to hide from my extreme emotional issues caused by obesity and food addictions (I also do not smoke cigarettes any more, which usually accompanied the beer & burger).

Neil Martin: What advice would you give someone who is thinking about adding juicing to their life?

Dan Miller: Just do it.  Just begin.  I challenge you to start a 3-day juice only regimen.  I challenge you to abstain from the culprit addictive foods like animal products, eggs & dairy, and processed/refined/packaged junk & sugary foods, and fatty, salty restaurant fare. I challenge you to work through the detox, clean out your pantry and clean up your life.

I would highly encourage you to watch and re-watch the two most important documentaries on the planet – “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and “Forks Over Knives”…if you have it in you for seeking the truth – Read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell  or “WHOLE” by T. Colin Campbell and Howard Jacobson.  Tackling that information will change your entire perspective toward the relation of diet to disease and the limitations of the oftentimes barbaric medical profession.

Neil Martin: If you were stuck on a desert island with a working juicer and blender and an unlimited supply of just 6 ingredients, what would those ingredients be?

Dan Miller: Carrots, apples, kale, cucumber, celery, ginger… but, if it was a desert island I would probably be able to find root veggies, lemons, limes and bananas there too…

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