Juicing changes lives. I have seen so many examples of people who have improved their health through juicing and now two US TV commercials for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” are highlighting how the film has inspired real people to transform their lives.

When the film was shown on Channel 5 here in the UK, Lakeland, the kitchenware retailer, reported that juicer sales shot up by 4,000 per cent in a week. John Lewis also reported a massive increase in the sale of juicers with a rise of 2,600 per cent compared with the same period in 2012.

I can’t help thinking that the more people who learn about the benefits juicing and a plant based diet can have on our health, the less the NHS will need to worry about its target to make £20bn efficiency savings by 2014/15. Prevention beats treatment every time as far as I am concerned – improving lives as well as cutting healthcare costs.

Juicing: It’s NOT All About Weight-Loss

One of the most powerful moments in the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is seeing the transformations of Joe Cross and Phil Staples. The most visible difference is weight loss, but juicing achieves so much more than just shedding the pounds.

I recently interviewed Tanya Hoffay who is featured in one the commercials where she says “I was just in excruciating pain”. In her interview with me Tanya explained that she had a meniscal tear with osteoarthritis in her right knee and the pain was so bad that she had to use a walking stick. Tanya has lost weight, 84 pounds, but she is now able to walk more than she was and has pulled her re-bounder “out of retirement”. Tanya has also been able to reduce her blood pressure and told me “I no longer get migraines and my feet no longer swell or are constantly hot.”

Facing a gastric bypass Tanya chooses juicing for weight loss

Also featured in the commercials is Leslie Justice who says “I had settled for being a frumpy mother”. When I interviewed Leslie she revealed who juicing had enabled her to not only lose 50 pounds, but also to find self love. Leslie said “with this comes a level of confidence”. She went on to explain how she is “revived with energy”  and how her triglycerides went from 280 down to 78 in just a couple months. 

Juicing: Leslie Loses 50 Pounds and Gains "Self Love"

“I can have sex now. It’s a big deal!”

One of the men featured says how before he saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead he was impotent. Adding “I can have sex now. It’s a big deal!”

The commercials also show a man who previously couldn’t lift his arms saying “now I can lift 225 pounds”

I hope these commercials inspire even more people to educate themselves and regain control of their own health.

You can find out more about the movie at fatsickandnearlydead.com.

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