Yesterday I saw a post on BuzzFeed about 18 Ways Juicing Is Taking Over Your Life, so I thought I would add 10 more things to the list.

1. You spend most of your time in the supermarket in the fresh produce section

Juicing ingredients in Supermarket Fresh Produce Section

2. You hunt through the broccoli to find the ones with long stems

Broccoli with long stem

3. You check lemons and limes are unwaxed so that you can juice with the skin on for extra zing

juicing unwaxed lime and lemon for extra zing

4. You now think this is junk food (bottled juices are not the same)

Supermarket juice cartons

5. You get excited when there is a fruit or vegetable you don’t recognise

Acorn squash

6. You have become better at recycling

Green juice in recycled glass jar

7. You produce lots of high quality compost

Juice pulp

8. Red liquid in the toilet bowl no longer scares you


9. You search Google for juice bars before you travel

Searching for Juice Bars on Google

10. You think £5 for a juice is a cheap meal

Juice Bar Menu

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