It gives me great pleasure to introduce a new contributor to Natural Juice Junkie – Mark Beddoe, who lost over 42 pounds in his first 3 months of juicing. As Mark is still fairly new to juicing I hope his regular juicing journal will inspire those new to juicing in the same way it has been inspiring his friends and family on Facebook. Anyway, enough from me [Neil], over to Mark…

Mark’s Juicing Journal – 11 January 2014

Welcome, to what I hope will be a regular insight into my journey to becoming a healthier me.

I started this journey back in August of 2013 after watching a documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, that my ex-work colleague and friend Neil Martin (The Natural Juice Junkie) suggested I should take a look at. Since that time I have introduced juicing into my diet and made some changes to the way I approach food with the objective of becoming healthier and more energetic. You can find out more about my story so far here in my recent interview with Neil: “Juicing: Mark Loses 42 Pounds and Stops Gout Pain.”

Since starting my journey I regularly posted updates to my personal Facebook page. This has not only helped me to track my progress but the positive responses and encouragement I have had from others has helped to keep me motivated and moving in the right direction. I am also pleased to say it has helped to motivate a few others to try juicing as well! I think it was mainly these Facebook posts that led Neil and I to have a chat, only a few days ago, about widening access to my experiences via his website. The updates have always been honest and real and I think that fits in nicely with the ethos of what Neil is trying to do here at

So, here we are, my first contribution. Let’s start with a couple of lessons I have learnt recently:

1. Juicing does not work!

That is, juicing does not work IF YOU DON’T COMMIT TO IT! By commit to it, I don’t mean being on a  permanent juice fast, detox, reboot, call it what you will. I do mean making it a regular habit in conjunction with eating predominantly heathy meals. Something that is sustainable and you can stick to on a long term basis.

This has been brought home recently during the Christmas holiday period where I decided to not worry about what I was eating. I consumed more than my fair share of rich foods, chocolate and alcohol etc. The end result? I gained just over 12lbs in a little over 2 weeks!

Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss Chart Jan 2014

2. Juicing is hard!

Yes, I have found it hard to break the habits of a lifetime but it’s nowhere near as hard as other diets and approaches I have tried. It took many years for me to reach my current state, I can’t expect to reverse that in a few short weeks. So I think you have to expect some ups and downs. Temptation is never far away (don’t ask who finished off the Christmas cake and cheese biscuits, amongst other treats, in our house this week) but as long as you are committed to do doing more of the right stuff than the wrong stuff for the long term, you will end up winning.

That’s my ramblings over with. I will keep it real and honest and I hope you respect that. My juicy news for this week is despite the Christmas cake, cheese and biscuits, I lost 2lbs Result !


How you treat your body between Christmas an New Year is not as important as how you treat your body between New Year and Christmas

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