This week has been an interesting week in my juicing journey. Last weekend was a bit hedonistic with lots of alcohol and snack foods (the unhealthy variety) consumed in the company of good friends, and a couple of evening meals during the week that I probably wouldn’t usually have had, gave me a few worries ahead of the ‘weigh in’ this morning. On the plus side I had one verbal compliment about how I was looking from a work colleague and another non verbal compliment where I got a double glance from another work colleague, who visits the office rarely. I also achieved a couple of mini short term goals, which I will tell you about shortly!

Mark Beddoe has a hedonistic weekend with booze and bad food

After the weekend of socialising I did try to manage these excesses during the week by having a couple of all juice days and a couple of typical juice days but with a much lighter evening meal than I otherwise might have. Whilst I was doing this I got to thinking about why am I bothering to put the effort in? The ultimate aim is to be as healthy as I can be but what does that mean? How do I know I am making the right kind of progress? How do I motivate myself along the way and how do I know when I have reached the ultimate destination?   It’s simple really, it all comes down to my goals. A series of short, medium and long term goals, some public and some private that I have set myself on this journey to good health and longevity. They allow me to track my progress, give myself a pat on the back when they are achieved and they keep me doing more of the right stuff than the wrong stuff.

“If you don’t know where you are going,
you’ll end up someplace else.”

Yogi Berra

What were the two goals that I achieved during this week?

One was very small and simple, but hugely motivating and significant for me. For some reason this Christmas period we managed to collect a number of artificial Christmas trees. Usually they are stored in the garage but because we now have three of them we decided that they needed to go in the loft space of our house. Usually it is my wife that has to go up there, because I can’t comfortably fit through the loft hatch, until, last Saturday! I almost requested a photo be taken but decided that a photo of my rear end descending down a loft ladder was probably a bit much for most people!

The second is my regular measure of my progress. I try not to focus on weight but there is no denying that it is one of the easiest ways for me to measure progress. I have seen numerous posts during the week about people getting quite upset about succumbing to temptation now they have finished their juice fast. I hope that I have demonstrated, on more than one occasion, that it’s ok to fall off the health wagon every now and then but the measure of your success, and what will see you ultimately achieve your goals, is how many times you clamber back on again. So despite a “naughty” weekend my juicy news for this week is a loss of 2lbs.  Result!

My ultimate weight loss goal is to return to the Mark in my wedding photos.

Mark Beddoe before gaining weight

Me on my wedding day

What are your goals?

I would love to know what your goals are – please join the conversation and share them in the comments section below.


Mark Beddoe Weight Loss 25 Jan 2014

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