Here is a quick recap of some of the juicing weight loss stories I have recently featured on this blog. Click on any of the images to go to to the full interview.

1. Dan Miller

Juicing for Weight Loss: Dan Loses 143 Pounds and "Can Have Sex Again"

Dan Miller says “I can have sex now. It’s a big deal.” Dan weighed 339 pounds when he started juicing. He has lost 143 Pounds.

2. Kitten the Juice Pirate

"Juicing Gave Me a Second Chance at Life" - Kitten Achieves 250 Pound Weight Loss

Kitten the Juice Pirate says “Juicing Gave Me a Second Chance at Life.” Kitten was 438 pounds when she started juicing. She has lost 250 pounds and now her weight floats around 180 – 190 pounds.

3. Shane Whaley

Juicing: Shane Loses 80 Pounds Running On Juice

Shane Whaley, host of, says “My confidence grew, my energy levels were through the roof.” Shane has lost 80 pounds.

4. Paula Hughes

Juicing for Weight Loss: Paula Loses 126 Pounds (57 kgs)

Paula Hughes says “People think I’m now younger than my actual age.” Paula lost 55 pounds before she started juicing and then continued to lose a further 71 pounds. She has lost 126 pounds in total.

5. Jason Bray

Juicing Weight Loss: Jason loses 105 pounds juicing

Jason Bray says “The best change I love since juicing is the energy I have from the moment I wake up till the moment I go back to bed.” Jason has lost 105 pounds.

6. Tanya Hoffay

Facing a gastric bypass Tanya chooses juicing for weight loss

Tanya Hoffay says “Juicing will always be a part of my life.” Tanya was referred for gastric bypass surgery but decided to start juicing instead. When I interviewed her she had lost 84 pounds – she has now lost 100 pounds.

7. Mark Beddoe

Mark Loses 40 pounds juicing and stops gout pain

Mark Beddoe says “[Juicing] continues to change my life, little by little, every day. It’s an ongoing transformation which will see me gradually return to a more youthful and healthy me.” Mark lost 42 pounds in his first 3 months of juicing.

8. Leslie Justice

Juicing: Leslie Loses 50 Pounds and Gains "Self Love"

Leslie Justice says “Juicing has changed my life by granting me the gift of self love.” Leslie has lost 50 pounds.

9. Joe Arnold

Joe Arnold Gets Off Diabetic Medication in Just 2 Weeks by Juicing

Joe Arnold says “[Juicing] will be the most positive thing you can ever add for your health!” Joe lost 28 pounds in 60 days and got off all of his diabetic medication in just two weeks!

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