This week Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master, is running the WORLD’S BIGGEST JUICE DETOX and has over 25,000 people from over 100 countries taking part!

Jason Vale is a juicing legend and is most famous for his “7lbs In 7 days Super Juice Diet” which is one of the books that changed my life, helping me lose over 70 pounds and regain my health. The book was the number one best-selling of ALL books on Amazon and and knocked the Da Vinci Code from the top spot.

The World’s Biggest Juice Detox, is based on Jason’s new book “5lbs in 5 days” and Jason is providing daily coaching videos to anyone who signs up to take part (see

In a press release for the World’s Biggest Juice Detox, Jason says “Juicing has changed my life beyond all recognition. I know it’s a cliché when people say this or that changed their life, but I can say with total confidence that without juicing my life would be radically different to what it is today.”

Juicing, and Jason Vale’s books have changed my life beyond recognition, and so I was truly humbled when he agreed to be interviewed for Natural Juice Junkie.

Jason Vale Juicemaster

Asking Jason about the reasons he first started juicing, he told me “It was my own ill health that led me on this juicy journey. I was covered from head to toe in a skin condition called psoriasis to the point where almost every inch of my body- including my face- was affected. I was badly asthmatic, using an inhaler up to 14 times a day. I was also overweight, suffered terrible hayfever and smoked 40-60 cigarettes a day.”

Jason continued “When I started to juice I saw my life and health transformed and I have witnessed tens of thousands of others do the same. I transformed myself by drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices every day, losing 25kg (55 pounds) and gaining a new perspective on health.”

I asked Jason about the challenges he faced when he first started juicing. He said “Back then juicers were not as advanced as they are now – so it was very time consuming.” Adding that his biggest juicing mistake was “juicing garlic – it just doesn’t juice and it will make your juicer smell for a loooonnngggg time!”


I mentioned to Jason that I had read this morning about a government adviser who is suggesting fruit juice should no longer be considered part of people’s five-a-day and asked the Juice Master his thoughts on this and any advice he has for people concerned about the fructose (fruit sugar) in juices.

Jason said “THE SUGAR IN AN APPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE SUGAR IN A DONUT!!! I am unsure the amount of times I have said this in response to the many interviews and questions” He added “Equally the sugar in ‘cooked’ apple juice (that’s juice bought in a carton or bottle) is very different to the sugar in ‘raw / live’ apple juice, but ever since Dr Robert Atkins wrote that ALL sugars are the same and Dukan and others have since followed, many people are of the very wrong opinion that the sugar in freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices are somehow the same as the sugars you find in a can of soda.”

Jason continued by saying “It’s a hot topic and needs addressing. My mother always taught me that ‘the problem with common sense is that it isn’t that common’ and I fear where sugar is concerned this is statement is ringing true for many. Often we don’t need science, but simply our own intuition and common sense. With this in mind let me ask you a question: If you are addicted to refined sugars and have a massive sugar craving would an apple cut it for you? Would an apple hit those sugar buttons for you? NO! Why? Because if you haven’t heard it already, ‘THE SUGAR IN AN APPLE IS NOT THE SAME AS THE SUGAR IN A DONUT’!!! If it were we we would have Easter Eggs made of fruit and children and adults would be just as happy, but wouldn’t have to feel guilty or fat afterwards. But they wouldn’t be happy because in the same way an apple wouldn’t satisfy a smokers need for nicotine an apple won’t satisfy a sugar addicts desire for refined sugars!!!!”

Juicing with Jason Vale

Natural Juice Junkie, Neil Martin juicing with Juice Master Jason Vale at the Juice Academy 2012

“Juicing is definitely is not a fad”

So what does Jason have to people who think juicing is some kind of fad diet or who think going on a juice detox or juice fast is dangerous?

Jason said “Juicing is definitely is not a fad.” Adding that “by fasting you are giving your body a rest from trying to breakdown the processed foods that seems to have taken over our diets.”

“Once we stop eating these foods and give the body a rest, then the body is able to reboot the liver, kidneys, intestines, blood, every organ in the body gets an overhaul. We are always detoxing, yes the body is designed to detox, but sometimes it is too difficult for the body to do its job properly.”

“I like to compare it to how often do people work hard up until their holiday and then complain for the first week of their holiday they were struck down with the flu. This is the body saying yes, seeing as you have finally slowed down, now I can start doing some cleaning up here.”

“At my health retreats we have seen the transformation in many people once they have been shown how to make nutritious, tasty juices.”

When asked about his juice programmes, Jason said “I try and test everything, I love putting new recipes together and tasting what works and what doesn’t. Like any food recipe it’s all about knowing your product and experimenting.”

“I have done all the programmes 3 days, 5 days 7 days and for 30 days last year. What you learn is that juicing allows the perfect liquid fuel to help you improve your general health. Beauty comes from within and once you start to hydrate your body with vegetable and fruit juices everything shines.”

“When you give up processed foods and replace just one meal a day with a freshly made juice you have changed 1/3 of you diet in one simple step. Your friends will notice the shine in your skin, your hair your nails, your eyes, the whole you. It’s like adding super unleaded instead of diesel to an unleaded car.”

Natural Juice Junkie, Neil Martin, rebounding with Juice Master Jason Vale

Natural Juice Junkie, Neil Martin, rebounding with Juice Master Jason Vale

‘No Label Food’

So if a big part of the answer is giving up junk and processed foods, what did Jason tell me we should be eating?

What we should all be eating is ‘Low H.I.’. [Low] H.I. stands for Low Human Intervention and it’s a lifestyle I do my best to adhere to a great deal of the time. Low H.I. simply means foods and drinks that have had low human intervention before getting to you. In other words, it is food as close to what nature intended as possible. This doesn’t mean you have to eat Low H.I. all the time, but it’s a nice, instant overview of what you should be eating.”

“Low H.I. living is not about becoming a vegan or vegetarian (each to their own on that one), it’s about making sure that whatever you eat, it hasn’t been interfered with too much by humans. If you do eat meat then ask yourself, ‘is it Low H.I.?’ In other words, is the chicken free range or organic, or is it one dose of chemicals away from a science experiment! If you eat fish, is it Low H.I.? Does it look like a piece of fish or is it a bunch of fish parts from many different fish in breadcrumbs? If you are eating tomatoes, are they organic or at least looking like a nice dark ripe tomato, or just a load of squashed chemical rich tomatoes that have been mixed with sugar and other junk to form a ketchup? If you want bread, is it Low H.I.? Is it as close to the grain as possible or has it been refined, bleached, loaded with sugar, yeast, salt and looks like a sponge?”

“I could give a million examples but the beauty of Low H.I. living is that it is pretty much self-explanatory. Whatever ‘No Label Food’ you eat you simply ask yourself, ‘is it Low H.I.?’”

I told Jason that I know he constantly receives testimonials from people experiencing the benefits of juicing. In response to this he said “Every day receiving testimonials reminds me why I started juicing. From seeing massive changes in peoples health with eczema, psoriasis, to curing heyfever and asthma, to helping people with type 2 diabetes. Plus, all the wonderful people that get to their ideal weight, feel like they have tons of energy – clear skin – the list is endless!”

“I know first hand the sheer power of the juice”

When asking the Juice Master what advice he would you give someone who is thinking about adding juicing to their life, Jason said,

You won’t ever look back. Every food on the planet has come under some criticism with the notable exception of fruit and vegetables. These foods nourish every cell in the body, help prevent disease, flush the system of waste and contain more vitamins and minerals than you can rattle a plum at, and there isn’t a single person on the planet with any shred of common sense that could possibly argue against these magnificent foods!”

“I have been extremely privileged to bring a juicy lifestyle to hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. When I set out to ‘Juice The World’ I never truly envisaged the incredible impact juicing would have not only on virtually every aspect of physical, but also on people’s mental well-being and life in general.”

“I know first hand the sheer power of the juice. I suffered from severe asthma, incredibly bad psoriasis, eczema, hay fever and one of the most common ailments to hit the UK population – being overweight. Yet by simply swapping my normal junk(ie) foods and drinks for a freshly extracted juice or two a day and by adding a touch of exercise to daily life, my mental and physical health improved beyond anything I had envisaged.”

Desert Island Juicing

Regular readers will know I like to ask interviewees about their desert islands ingredients, with the question If you were stuck on a desert island with a working juicer and blender and an unlimited supply of just 6 ingredients, what would those ingredients be?’ So what would juicing legend Jason Vale choose?

Well I am on Desert Island so I am hoping that there is some coconut and some Alvera mango, but cucumber, celery avocado, apple, broccoli and ginger.”

And what is the Juice Master’s favourite recipe? “It changes often – but at the moment it has to be Pear and Parsnip which is in the 5lbs in 5 days recipes.”

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie with Jason Vale Juicemaster

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie with Jason Vale Juicemaster at Juice Academy in 2012

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