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“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” Hippocrates

Our bodies are amazing and given the right opportunity have the ability to recover and heal many ailments and conditions. I am not saying that juicing is a magic bullet for all illness and disease, but I have personally spoken with many people who have seen significant improvements in their health since starting juicing. I personally have lost over 5 stone (70 pounds) in weight and no longer suffer from a number of conditions including Asthma and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Oh, and I’ve gone from being a couch potato to running marathons too!

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie loses over 70 pounds juicing

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie before and after achieving over 70 pounds of juicing weight loss

There is no doubt in my mind that what we put in our mouths is directly linked to our health. In his book, “The Juice Master—Turbo-charge Your Life in 14 Days”, Jason Vale says “Your body is without question the single most important thing you will ever have the good fortune to use while you’re on this planet, and yet most people are digging their own graves with their teeth.

Kris Carr, New York Times and Amazon best-selling author, who was diagnosed with a very rare and incurable cancer on Valentine’s Day in 2003 says “Juicing and making green smoothies has vastly increased the quality of my life (and countless others). It’s the one daily practice that I will never ever abandon. This simple practice will give you power, energy and strength beyond words.”

Kris Carr: "Juicing and making green smoothies has vastly increased the quality of my life"

Kris Carr: “Juicing and making green smoothies has vastly increased the quality of my life”

We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for our health, yet UK government figures published in 2012 suggest fewer than a third of adults and only one in 10 children are eating the recommended “five-a-day” of fruit and vegetables. Did you know that in Japan the recommendation is 17 portions of vegetables and fruits per day? Based on current eating habits I think the western world has little chance of hitting that target, but what if there was an easy way to get to all that plant-based goodness?

Freshly extracted juices are a quick and easy way to increase your intake beyond “five-a-day” and deliver concentrated nutrients to your cells in around 15 minutes – a tiny fraction of the time it takes our bodies to digest a typical meal. When we eat solid foods it takes our bodies a number of hours to separate the vitamins and minerals from the fibre and this requires a lot of effort from our digestive system.

Why not eat the vegetables and fruits whole, instead of making juices?

Whilst the fibre acts as a kind of broom, to sweep clean our intestines and colon, there is no nourishment in the fibre. Fibre is important to ongoing health, but high levels of dietary fibre are not required in every meal. Also, the juice of various fruits and vegetables includes soluble fibre, such as pectin, which is found in a range of produce including apples, pears, oranges and carrots.

“It’s the Juice of the Fibre that feeds you”

One of the father’s of modern juicing, Jay Kordich, is famous for saying it is “the juice of the fibre that feeds you”. Put another way, it is not strictly true that we are what we eat. We are, in fact, what our cells manage to absorb from what we eat.

When we juice we separate the nutrient rich water from the fibres of the food.

The condition of our bodies is inextricably linked to how we feed them. Our bodies are constantly changing with 98% of the atoms in the body being replaced in less than a year. It is the nutrients we absorb from our food that are used to build and repair our bodies with new cells.

Jay Kordich says its “the juice of the fibre that feeds you”

Jay Kordich says its “the juice of the fibre that feeds you”

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