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Are you inspired by “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and/or seen something about juicing in the media thats got you thinking about doing your first “juice fast” / “juice cleanse” / “juice detox” / reboot ? Before you rush off and start an extended period of time on juice only, you might want to begin by introducing 1 or 2 juices per day in to your life.

Depending on your current diet and lifestyle, switching to just freshly extracted juices may cause you to have withdrawal symptoms from things like refined sugars and caffeine. By gradually introducing juicing into your life you will most likely find you also reduce the “bad” foods and this will make it much easier should you decide to do a juice only reboot.

Paula Hughes, a Brit living in Dubai has lost a total of 126 pounds (57 kgs) suggests starting “by adding one juice per day initially and see how you feel. Have that juice in place of your usual breakfast. Try out as many different recipes to find out what you like and what you need to adjust to suit your tastes and preferences.”

Ironman Andrea Prepares Fresh Juices

Multiple Ironman finisher Andrea Wentworth, who says she has “always trained with juices rather than energy drinks/gels”

Multiple Ironman finisher Andrea Wentworth, who says she has “always trained with juices rather than energy drinks/gels” agrees, saying “start off just experimenting, don’t think of it as all or nothing. You can start off having the occasional one [juice] here and there, and you’ll probably find you naturally want to start doing it more and more as you see the benefits.”

Shane Whaley, host of juicingradio.com, who lost 80 pounds running on juice also agrees, saying “My honest advice is not to do what I did which was to jump straight into a juice fast. Dip your toe in and don’t dive in.” Shane suggests trying a juice for breakfast every morning for 21 days. He says this will enable you to find your way around your juicer and get used to cleaning it until the process becomes “a breeze”. Shane adds “you also get to work out which juice recipes you love and hate!! Much better to discover all this before you start a cleanse.”

Juicing: Shane Loses 80 Pounds Running On Juice

“Having some delicious juices to begin with really makes it easy to stick with” says Victoria Green, a qualified juice therapist, who says juicing boosted her energy levels and helped her “participate fully in life again”.

“You don’t have to fast to be a successful juicer.”

Leslie Justice, who has lost 50 pounds juicing and was recently featured by Joe Cross in an US TV commercial for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” says “You don’t have to fast to be a successful juicer.”

I agree with her. Juicing is a great way to get a concentrated healthy source of plant-based nutrition. Even just replacing one of the typical 3 meals most westerners eat each day can have significant benefit. Let’s face it, just this simple change makes a third of your diet in to a raw plant-based powerhouse!

Shane Whaley adds that by just switching your breakfast “you will also start to feel much better and enjoy some of the benefits of flooding your cells with so much good stuff from the greens. My parents who are late 60s now juice every morning, they have lost weight, have more energy and they tell me that if they do not have their morning juice then they really miss it.”

I’ve done breakfast, now what?

Paula Hughes advices that “once you are used to your juicer, and you have made your breakfast juice a daily habit/routine, add in a few more juices that suit your lifestyle and schedule – maybe replace your evening meal with a juice, perhaps mid morning or lunchtime is a good time to add that other juice.”

The idea is to slowly introduce the benefits of juicing in to your life, so that if you then decide you want to try a 3, 5 or 7 day “juice cleanse” / “juice detox” you will be more prepared for it and hence more likely to complete it too!

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