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In his first Juicing Journal for NaturalJuiceJunkie.com, Mark Beddoe said one key lesson he has learned is that juicing does not work. Mark says “Juicing does not work IF YOU DON’T COMMIT TO IT! By commit to it, I don’t mean being on a  permanent juice fast, detox, reboot, call it what you will. I do mean making it a regular habit in conjunction with eating predominantly heathy meals.”

I mention this here because I am a firm believer that being a successful juicer is more about embracing juicing as part of your lifestyle than doing a “Juice Fast”, “Juice Reboot”, “Juice Detox” or “Juice Cleanse”.

Indeed, part 4 of “How to Start Juicing” I highlighted a comment from Leslie Justice, who has lost 50 pounds juicing and was recently featured by Joe Cross in an US TV commercial for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” where she says “You don’t have to fast to be a successful juicer.”

For me being a successful juicer is about achieving balance – where juicing a part of a lifestyle focused on achieving and maintaining optimum health. If you are ready this because you want to use juicing to lose weight, then I believe when we help our body to achieve health, our body will repay us by finding its ideal weight.

When you are obese, it’s all about losing the weight. Once you reach an acceptable weight, goals shift towards health, wellbeing and maintaining the success.

Phil McFarlane who lost 60 pounds through juicing and got off his diabetic medication

 So why do a juice detox?

I recently interviewed Jason Vale, a.k.a the Juice Master. In the interview Jason explained that by fasting [fuelling out bodies with nothing but juice] we give the body a rest from trying to breakdown the processed foods that seems to have taken over our diets. Jason said “Once we stop eating these foods and give the body a rest, then the body is able to reboot the liver, kidneys, intestines, blood, every organ in the body gets an overhaul. We are always detoxing, yes the body is designed to detox, but sometimes it is too difficult for the body to do its job properly. I like to compare it to how often do people work hard up until their holiday and then complain for the first week of their holiday they were struck down with the flu. This is the body saying yes, seeing as you have finally slowed down, now I can start doing some cleaning up here.”

I think Jason has a good point here. One of the key reasons doing a juice detox can be so beneficial is the fact that we stop putting toxins into our body. The other reason, of course, is the vast level of nutrients we feed the body through the freshly extracted juices.

Should you follow a plan?

The first time I ever did a juice detox (for 7 days) I followed Jason Vales’ 7lbs in 7 days. I liked the idea of having a simple, easy to follow path rather than having to think about what and when I would be juicing. Kevin Daw of Soul Juices Mobile Juice Bar says “following a plan like 7lbs in 7 days is a great way to get a feel for it and following recipes at the start will help you to keep focused, as we all know its possible to make some disastrous combinations until we’ve got a feel for the ingredients!”

I think the other point about following a plan such as 7lbs in 7 days (or one of Jason Vales other books), the plans in the new Joe Cross book or even the Budget Juice Reboot featured on this site, is that these programs have been put together to ensure you are juicing a rainbow of ingredients that provide a broad range of nutrients. They also have proven results. For example, a husband and wife from the UK recently lost a combined 30 pounds in just one week using the Budget Juice Reboot.

What to expect during your Reboot

I don’t want to sugarcoat the reboot or detox process – it can be hard, especially for the first few days. Many people feel unwell and experience headaches and nausea. This is typically withdrawal symptoms from addictive foods such as refined sugars, starches and caffeine. If you have seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead you will probably remember the scenes where Joe Cross is in bed and feeling really rough.  It does pass, normally by around day 3 or 4.

Actor Sir Tony Robinson, famous for being unwashed and prone to illness as Baldrick in TV’s Blackadder recently told the Daily Mail about his juice fast, saying “For the first three days  it felt very strange not to be chewing anything, but after a week I felt fantastic. I realised I was getting more nutrients from the juices than I did from eating regular food.” He continued by saying “on this juice plan I’ve got more energy than ever.”

I remember the first time I did a 7 day detox that I felt incredibly lonely. I think it was probably the way I was isolating myself from my family during meal times.

Kitten the Juice Pirate, who achieved a 250 pound juicing weight loss says her biggest challenge was socialising, but adds “once I got practice at pre-making my juices I could take them anywhere and still visit with friends and family.”

Joe Arnold who got off his diabetic meds after 2 weeks of juicing has also found pre-making juices to be a big help. Joe says ”the first challenge was learning how to make the juices correctly (a little Kale goes along way!) and remembering to prep for when I will not be around a place to find juice to drink. I now make all my juice the night before and carry with me three 24 ounce bottles of juice in a soft side cooler.”

Brian Robertson, who has lost 185 pound through juicing says “My biggest challenge during my juice fast was supper time for my children. I had to cook their meals. When I first started I cooked them the same foods that I had eaten to get myself into the bad shape I was in so that was a struggle for me to cook, and smell those foods. I kept a juice ready. I tell people to keep a juice ready at your weakest part of the day whatever that is for the individual, and to make that juice your favorite juice so that you feel like you are treating yourself in a moment of weakness.”

I completely echo Brian’s view about being prepared. If you start to feel hungry or tempted by other foods, it is much easier to resist temptation when you have a juice to hand. I have also found warm herbal teas to be a great way to distract myself from temptation. Indeed, with hindsight I often wonder if some of my old hungers, were actually signs of dehydration. Many of us simply do not drink enough fluids and dehydration can be easily interpreted as hunger.

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