I recently shared ten of my favourite documentaries about food and nutrition. (Warning: these films are life changing and may change the way you look at food and diet forever!)

2014 looks to be an exciting year with these 3 films all in production and due to be released!

Super Juice Me

It started with Jason Vale posting online that he was looking for people to help him test his ‘One Disease, One Solution’ hypothesis – a view that perhaps all of the chronic diseases the world is currently facing (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, asthma, kidney and liver disease, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, allergies and skin conditions, etc) are actually caused by just one thing.

The synopsis for Super Juice Me says:

“This year nearly 40 million people will die from degenerative conditions – more than will die from all other causes put together. And that number is expected to rise to over 50 million within 15 years. At the same time, the amount spent trying to treat these diseases with pharmaceuticals drugs is expected to rise by 50% to more than $1.2 trillion!”

What if the remedy really is so cheap and easy to obtain that you could buy it with your weekly shopping? When the film is released we might find out!

Sign up at superjuiceme.com for launch details.

Powered By Green Smoothies

Powered By Green Smoothies is a new film by Sergei Boutenko, a 29 years old “adventurer, author, videographer, and lover of life”. On his website Sergei says “I’m shooting a full length documentary about how endurance athletes are affected by regular green smoothie intake. I’m going to put half a dozen hardcore athletes on a smoothie challenge and film the whole shebang.”

The film has been funded via kickstarter and given that I am currently training for my first ultra marathon I am very excited to see it!

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 2

Ok, so I’m not sure what the film’s title is actually going to be, but Joe Cross’ second movie is also due to be released in 2014. I was lucky enough to meet Joe yesterday when he was giving a at Planet Organic in London. From the insights Joe shared about the work he is doing and the new movie I suspect we may see another shortage of juicers when the film comes out. Exciting stuff, oh and if you are quick you may even have a change to be in it!

If you are interested in participating in Joe Cross’ follow-up feature film simply submit a video according to the instructions at rebootwithjoe.com/man-on-the-web/. Everyone who gets featured will receive a new Breville/Sage Juicer.

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