Kitten the Juice Pirate and I both receive lots of questions, that we have decided to post answers to here on Marina Garza RN asked:

“How long were your workouts while juicing? How often? everyday?”

Kitten the Juice Pirate says: In the beginning I was on crutches and didn’t do much exercise except from bedroom to bathroom.

As I started losing weight I started walking to mailbox, then to the end of the street. That turned into 4 mile walks a few times a week.

Then I started water aerobics and using an elliptical machine. When I had the extra funds to go to the gym I went daily for between 30 and 60 minutes.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie says: When I first started my journey in September 2009 I was an obese couch potato. My idea of physical activity was little more than reaching for the remote.

I didn’t have the mobility issues Kitten did, but I lacked any desire to exercise. This quickly changed as my new lifestyle gave me so much more energy that I needed to find a way of using it. Initially I started by rebounding on a small trampoline to music videos on the TV and would occasionally go to the gym. I became more active, but still would not have been described as “sporty”.

I’d long harboured a desire to run a long distance race. It was a dream that started in my childhood when my Dad completed a half-marathon.

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In 2012, I decided to start running. Although I was much fitter than I had been in 2009, it was still really tough to begin with – I couldn’t even complete a mile and my breathing was so heavy that I sounded like Darth Vader. I persisted and have gone on to complete multiple races including several half-marathons and a full marathon.

Currently I am training for the 2014 London Marathon and for my first ultra marathon, the 100 Mile Run!

Juicing is part of my daily life and I strongly believe it helps with my recovery when I am training. Even when I am doing a reboot / cleanse / detox, I still train most days. In fact, I have even run half marathons during periods where I have been feeding my body with nothing but juice.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie, training for 100 mile run ultra-marathon

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