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Kitten the Juice Pirate and I both receive lots of questions, that we have decided to post answers to here on NaturalJuiceJunkie.com. Amy Cutrone Rogers asked:

“How many oz of juice do you consume daily? Is it mostly green or do you do fruit?”

Kitten the Juice Pirate says: My juice is usually mainly green.

If I am doing a reboot I will drink 4 green and 1 fruit. I drink what the recipe yields. That is usually about 16 oz [approx 450 ml] but a few come out as much larger juices. You can save the extra as a snack if you like.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie says: I look to juice a rainbow of colours, so whilst I do drink a lot of green juice, I also drink a lot of carrot juice, beetroot juice and berry juices.

If I am doing a reboot / cleanse / detox then I will typically have 4 or 5 juices per day. Most of these will be veggie juices, but may not be green in colour. Most of my juices are approximately 1 pint / 500 ml.

On a normal (non-reboot) day I will drink between 2 and 3 juices as well as eating some ‘solids’. Oh, and I try to start every day with a Ginger Slammer!

“How many oz of juice do you consume daily? Is it mostly green juice or do you juice fruit?”

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