“What juicer do you use?” asked Janie

When I first discovered the idea of juicing vegetables, I quickly grabbed my laptop and ordered  a relatively cheap centrifugal juicer from Amazon (the now discontinued Phillips HR1861).

I found the centrifugal juicer quick and easy to use, but when I tried a juice from a masticating (cold press) juicer I was blown away by how different the juice tasted. I was amazed at how masticating juicers could get so much juice from leafy greens AND by how much stronger flavours like ginger were in my juice. I decided I needed to upgrade and purchased a Green Star Elite.

My love affair with the Green Star was short

Don’t get me wrong, the juice tasted amazing. The problem was that the feed chute was so small it took a lot longer to prepare ingredients ready for juicing. I also found the clean up of the machine was a real pain.

The Green Star gives a really high quality juice, but like most traditional masticating juicer it is challenging to clean.

Enter my Optimum juicer, the best FUSION of juicing technologies I’ve been able to find

Since I first started juicing I’ve tried MANY different juicing machines (too many to list – but several of them come out to play in some of my juicing courses).

In early 2014 I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to try a new machine, the Optimum 400. This machine delivered the high quality, cold pressed juice of the Green Star, but from a machine that was as easy to clean and use as my old centrifugal.

Then it got even better!

Cold Press Juicing Goes ‘Broadband’

Just as I’d decided that the Optimum 400 was the perfect fusion of my previous juicers, the technical boffins as Froothie created a ‘big brother’ to my new favourite juicer. Yes – the one downside of the Optimum 400 (a feed chute that still required some chopping) was suddenly replaced with the wide chute previously reserved for centrifugal juicers only.

My ‘weapon of choice’ is the Optimum 600 wide chute cold press juicer. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and give LOTS of delicious cold press juice.


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