I love it when I find a juicing success story in the mainstream press. Stephanie’s story, as featured in the Daily Mail, reminded me of a lifestyle so many of us share. She was working a stressful job, which often meant working late and then going for drinks with colleagues, was overweight and feeling ‘toxic’.

Stephanie was also suffering with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Juicing Helps Stephanie Lose 126 Pounds and Cure Polycystic Ovaries

7lbs in 7 days Super Juice Diet

Stephanie’s turning point came on her 38th birthday. She says: ‘A friend of mine gave me a book as a gift.  It was Jason Vales 7lbs in 7days and I was immediately insulted! ‘Are you trying to say that I am fat..!?’ I thought.”

After the initial shock of this gift, Stephanie worked her way through Jason Vale’s book (which I highly recommend) and started to make a few juices. Eventually she decided to go to one of Jason’s retreats in Turkey and then she was hooked, Stephanie says:

“I lost more than 10lbs in a week! It was an unbelievable wake up call for me that even though I had PCOS I could lose weight, even though I had previously been told there is ‘no cure’ and that it would be incredibly difficult to lose weight without medication.”

“As the weight falls off the more capacity the body has to heal. It’s a wonderful cycle.”

A recent trip to the doctors informed Stephanie that she has now dropped from 22 stone 7lbs to 13 stone 7lbs, having lost 9 stone (126 pounds)!

Stephanie says “As the weight falls off the more capacity the body has to heal. It’s a wonderful cycle.”

Stephanie was so inspired by the changes in her own health that she quit her high flying job and set up her own company Explore Raw, which advocates the advantages of the no-meat, no-dairy and no foods heated over 38-43°C diet.

“I was not always raw,” Stephanie says, “far from it! In my late twenties career success became my prime focus and hand in hand with that came the absence of looking after myself. I piled on the weight. I did no exercise. I had never been an exerciser! I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which is a chronic disease. I was overworked, undernourished and toxic. I had been a vegetarian (well a pescatarian really) since the age of 20 so considered myself pretty healthy as I wasn’t eating meat but the truth be told I was eating anything that wasn’t meat. I had a rich dairy-filled diet that included lots of boozy nights out with friends and late nights working or socialising.”

This is very different from her current lifestyle:

“I carry my juicer everywhere. I lug it across London in a cool bag if I’m on the move. Wherever I go my juicer goes. I have so much to be thankful for. I have cured myself from polycystic ovaries and a wonderful side effect has also been that I have lost lots of my weight. Which is blissful! My skin is glowing and I look and feel much younger than I have for years. Looking back at old photos I hardly recognise myself.”


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