A significant week in Mark’s juicy journey….

Last week I talked about having some short, medium and long term goals.

My current short term goal was to get back to my pre Christmas weight (I gained 12lbs in the two week holiday!) before the end of January.

After my hedonistic week last week, achieving that goal looked like it might have been at risk. So I had no choice, I had to be prepared to take control this week and live a cleanly as possible. So that’s exactly what I did. I resorted to my 2 juices and a plant based evening meal per day strategy.  No dairy, no alcohol and no processed as far as possible.  Apart from the satisfaction of taking back control the week has been fairly uneventful. I have had cravings though. Luckily they were good cravings, one of which was for  Jason Vale’s excellent Pear & Parsnip juice. Jason demonstrated it on a Sunday morning TV program a couple of weeks ago and since then it has been a regular recipe in my juicing repertoire. I just had to make it several times during this week, I couldn’t help myself! In fact it is going to be breakfast again this morning!

Jason Vale Juicemaster Pear and Parsnip Juice Recipe

Since my healthy juicing and eating lifestyle started I have found myself browsing the internet for healthy meal recipes quite often. I will often find a recipe that I would like to try or even a component of a recipe that I would use as inspiration for something else. My latest find came courtesy of Jamie Oliver. It was for his Vegetarian Chilli. Not only was it delicious and something that the whole family enjoyed but the use of cubed and roasted sweet potatoes, as the substitute for the meat component, has been the inspiration behind my very own sweet potato fajitas recipe!

With all this recipe hunting I use a little app which has been brilliant in helping me build a small library of inspiration. In fact my wife found it and we have both been using it ever since. I have no financial interest in this app but I find it incredibly useful and so might you. Its called ChefTap and it will work on any Android device (sorry IOS fans) and its free for your first 100 recipes.

So, my juicy news for this week.

That short term goal? Well I got there, in fact I am now lighter than than my pre Christmas weight with a loss this week of just over 3.5lbs. That makes my total weight loss since I started juicing of 55.5 lbs or just a teeny weeny bit under 4 stone! I think its fair to say that I am as happy as a happy thing! Taking control is a great!


Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss 1 Feb 2014

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