My current suits were looking way too big for me. It would only have been a matter of time before I suffered an embarrassing trouser incident!

So, I bit the bullet and went out to buy a new suit last Saturday.  There is only so much “holding up” an over sized belt can do!

Goodbye inches

I hoped I had shrunk by several sizes and I’m pleased to say that when I was measured up I had lost 1.5 inches from my collar, 6 inches from my chest and several inches from around my waist. Result!

I also had a very nice surprise when checking out the sizes of some of my old suits in the wardrobe.

At the back of the wardrobe was an original Crombie overcoat that my Grandfather, now passed, had given me probably 25 or more years ago. It still has an original label in it and my Grandfather had bought it from a shop in Birmingham, England, on the 1st October 1952!

The quality, and the weight of this thing is unbelievable and it is still in fantastic condition to this day. So I thought what the heck and I tried it on. It fits! My 95 year old Grandmother is going to so surprised and pleased next time I go and visit! If ever motivation to carry on was needed, that was it!

Dusting off the cross trainer

Now despite the disappointment of not starting the exercise regime I had planned the previous week I am happy to say that I did take some tentative steps during this week.

The cross trainer has been dusted off and I have done a couple of sessions of 6k to 7k per session. Just enough to get the muscles moving, blood pumping and the heart and lungs working. I wasn’t looking forward to it  but I have to say that my weight loss so far has made it much easier than I was expecting. Who would have thought it, I’m actually looking forward to doing more!

The next challenge

Next week I’m popping over to Austria on business for a few days. I have never visited Vienna before but I’m hoping that it will be easy to try and eat sensibly even though I might not be able to get my daily fix of juice!

I am planning on using a bit of tech to try and help. I going to try an App called Happy Cow ( It’s free and it looks as if it’s available for all of the popular smart device operating systems. This app allows you to specify a location and it will show you a list of healthy places to eat nearby. I will see how I get on with it and report back next week.

This weeks juicy news is more encouraging than last week. This week I lost 4 lbs. That makes 60 lbs in total since I started juicing. Result!

Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss - 60 pounds shed!

Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get tempted by those fantastic looking Viennese coffee shops!


PS in doing some research for Vienna I stumbled across Sachertorte. Whatever you do, don’t Google it!


You Googled it didn’t you? You rebel!  🙂

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