Back in December Dan Miller gave an interview for Natural Juice Junkie where he shared his juicing success story. You may well remember Dan, he is the  guy in the US TV commercials for “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” that says  “I can have sex now. It’s a big deal”.

Now in a new YouTube video from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Dan shares some more of his story.


The video starts with Dan saying “All my life I’ve been fat ever since I was a little kid and then over the course of the years I just started getting heavier and heavier. I was having some big problems. I was getting migraine headaches all the time. I had sleep apnea really bad and I had sexual dysfunction there’s no other way of saying it. I had a hard time or a soft time with sex. I couldn’t do much with it and then when I could do something with it if I had orgasm it would give me a migraine headache and so I knew I had cardiovascular problems.”

Dan continues “I started trying to lose weight and this was when I was fifty. So I was fumbling around trying to diet and I wasn’t doing well at all. It just wasn’t working. And then my wife came to me and she said ‘hey there’s this film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead we should watch it.’ I deal in the health care industry, I work with people who have cancers and stuff I’ve seen how juicing can help people with cancer and I just couldn’t recognize the fact that hey this could work for losing weight also. That next day we went out and got a Breville juicer.”

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