Ismael Vanessa Bran-Gonzalez asked:

“I have a question regarding loose skin, you look awesome and I would like to know if juicing helped you tone as well or did you have to do some surgery. I’m particularly speaking about double chin and stomach area. I’ve heard much about using cabbage juice for this as well, please shed some light on this for me, much thanks”

Kitten the Juice Pirate says: My sister has a client who lost over 100 pounds and we where shocked to see photos and here this because he had no lose skin . He lives a plant based lifestyle / diet and works out at least 15-30 a day or every other day. Does weights . His trainer told him the blood flow in your skin flows to top of skin when working out and that tightens the skin. So I started doing this when I had money to go to the gym. I also believe that my daily juices helps a lot. I juice a lot of cucumber and other foods that are good for the skin.  My arms and stomach skin is slowly bouncing back . I am hoping it will continue to shrink so I wont need surgery.

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie says: I’ve been lucky that my skin has stayed tight throughout my weight loss journey. Like Kitten, I believe the use of cucumber in many of my juices has helped with this. I am also confident that blending some of my juices with avocado has also helped my skin. Avocado has been described as nature’s “skin moisturiser”, with the healthy fats and phytonutrients found in Avocados offering remarkable benefits to our skin both when eaten and when applied directly to the skin itself.

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