Kitten the Juice Pirate and I both receive lots of questions, that we have decided to post answers to here on Kathy Currier asked:

“When you did a juice only reboot how many days did you reboot for? How many juices and oz did you consume during that time? What did you find to be the hardest part? Thanks!”

Kitten the Juice Pirate says: My first reboot was 42 days. Detox giving up Doctor Pepper soda was hardest. My first reboot I had about 4 juices a day. My juice reboots after the first reboot I had 5 juices per day of around 16oz [approx 450 ml].

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie says: I started juicing in early 2010. I tend to do a juice only reboot / cleanse / detox about once every 3 months. Typically this will be for between 5 and 7 days.

During a reboot I normally have 4 or 5 juices per day. Most of these will be veggie juices and are approximately 1 pint / 500 ml.

The hardest part of my first reboot was a feeling of loneliness. My family were still eating normal meals and I felt isolated from them. I was avoiding them at meal times, something I would advise against.

My wife has joined my on my subsequent reboots which has made the process feel really easy.

Candle Lit Green Juice for 2

Rebooting with my wife: a romantic evening in, with a candle lit green juice for two 🙂

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