This week started off with renewed enthusiasm and vigour. My juicing mojo had returned and I was determined to have a “clean” week and not bow down to any temptations. Happily, this was exactly how the week played out. I resisted the attraction of a roast dinner with my work colleagues last Thursday lunchtime and the only indiscretion was a teeny tiny piece of chocolate brownie that my daughter had made at school and brought home for us all to try.

It’s fair to say that I was more than happy with my return to form. I was actually looking forward to the weigh in yesterday. Unfortunately life has a way of instilling some kind of balance and my elation at the successes of the week were offset by the  sadness we endured in having to say goodbye to our pretty little English Cocker Spaniel, Amber, yesterday afternoon.

I really don’t have much more to say. The bitter sweet realities of life are never far away. I will have another good week this week, I am determined. There is still plenty of work to be done. I have a mini goal to achieve in a few weeks time and nothing is going to stop me!

BTW – One of Neil’s “10 Life Changing Documentaries About Food” called Hungry For Change is being streamed for free at

I have never watched it before so it is definitely on my To Do list for this weekend. I’m hoping it will help me to have another great juicing week!

My juicy news for this week is that I lost a smidge over 4 lbs. This makes 65 lbs in total since I started juicing in August of last year. Result!


Juicing Weight Loss Mark Beddoe 24 March 2014

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