This week of my juicing journey has presented new challenges.

The most difficult challenge being a 3 day business trip to Vienna, Austria.

I had never visited Vienna before but it is a beautiful city, which I can highly recommend if you ever get the chance to visit. Business trips to foreign lands with unfamiliar cuisines are much easier to manage when you are are on your own. Having a colleague with you and meeting friendly and effective hosts means that making clean diet choices isn’t quite so easy, especially when the local cuisine is delicious and very comforting!

On a positive note I did spend quite a lot of time walking.

Walking from the hotel to the office twice a day and strolling around whilst exploring the city did at least offset some of the food choices that had to be made.

In last weeks blog I mentioned an app that I had installed on my tablet. An app that I was planning to use to help me find healthy eating places whilst on my trip. I’m pretty sure that it would have done a great job but I didn’t use it once! It was more appropriate to go with the flow and I am happy that I did that. It would have been a travesty not to have sampled the traditional cuisine and explored some of the culture of the city.

My juicy news this week? I put on 4 lbs,  effectively setting myself back one week as I regained what I had lost last week. No biggy, I should be able to reinstate a much more sensible diet and exercise pattern this week. Despite the blip I am still much better off than I was when I started this journey towards a healthier existence.


Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss 1 March 2014

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