This week in his Juicing Journal, Mark reveals why he juices!

Juicing and an improved diet is primarily about weight loss for me. My weight had ballooned over a 10 year period of working as an IT consultant, project manager and deputy sales director.

Life on the road where long hours, hotels and petrol stations that provide fuel for your car and your body is never going to end well.

Last August (2013), after seeing the success that Neil (Natural Juice Junkie) had achieved with juicing and healthy living I decided to give it a go. The resulting weight loss has been terrific.

Yes, I could have lost more weight in a shorter timescale, but I wanted to make sure that I achieved a sustainable balance that would see me return to a healthier weight without the risk of rebounding.

Yes, its fair to say that there have been ups and downs and they will continue, but I am determined to stick to this new way of life.

Life’s BIG secret

Some weeks I feel like I have discovered the most obvious secret there is. We are the most medically advanced that our race has ever been yet we are also the sickest, how can that be?

Everywhere I look I see and hear people complaining about their weight and health, and the answer is right in front of every one of them. Its lies in their fridge or the grocery section of their local supermarket or their local farm shop. Even if you don’t have a juicer there is nothing to stop you trying to eat as nature intended.

“Living in a country where 75% of adults and 33% of children are obese or overweight is it really a surprise that being overweight is now being considered normal?”

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie

I am absolutely convinced that the obesity epidemic, that many western civilisations are currently experiencing, would be reversed if everyone adopted a diet that was plentiful in raw vegetables and fruits and involved minimal quantities of processed foods.

That sounds like a lecture but the more that I stick to this new approach to diet the more passionate I become about it. Its hard not to become passionate when I get to experience the results! Over 60 pounds lost since I started juicing and although some weeks are harder than others I know that I am doing the right thing.

My family home has been absolutely riddled with sore throats, sniffling noses, hacking coughs and ear shattering sneezes this week. My two youngest daughters and my wife have all been ill. Usually I would end up joining the party and being ill myself after a few days, it was always inevitable. This cycle would occur at least twice a year without fail, until I started juicing.

Since I started juicing I haven’t had any bad illnesses. I’ve not taken any days off work and I haven’t even been close to feeling as bad as other family members have been. I don’t escape completely of course. I have had a mild case of the sniffles, a slight sore throat and the odd sneeze but it never developed beyond a slight irritation. It certainly did not become the full blown illness that everyone else was suffering. I can only put this down to the high levels of nutrition I now maintain through juicing, it has to be, I’m convinced!

All of this is just my view of course. You may accept it or you may not. You may have experienced the benefits of juicing for yourself or you may be doing some research before making the leap.

The internet is full of information on juicing. Juicing is good, juicing is bad and every view in between. Whilst I was browsing I came across this article in The Guardian. I include the link for no better reason than it made me chuckle. It details the experiences of a new juicing convert:

This blog tries to provide the real world view. My experiences, good and bad but always honest. If you are thinking of trying juicing then I would suggest that you go for it. What do you have to lose? I know that there is an awful lot to gain!

My juicy news for this week was interesting. I have been juicing at least twice a day (breakfast and lunch) as usual. Evenings have been mostly plant based but there have been a few indiscretions like enjoying some wedding cake from one of the guys at work and celebrating my eldest daughters return from University with a very unhealthy meal (pizza).

My focus has been very much on a software implementation project this week and the number of indiscretions is usually aligned with the level of stress being endured! So this week I gained 3 lbs. A little disappointing but not totally unexpected. I will resolve to be better next week!    


Juicing Journal: Why Does Mark Juice?

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