This week Mark’s update on his juicing weight loss includes tips for how to balance juicing with a busy lifestyle and how to increase juicing yield.

Wow, what a week!

This week has to have been one of most frustrating weeks, work wise, I have had in a very long time.

Lots of things and people to deal with and a deadline to meet.

I spent long hours at my home office desk with ever increasing stress levels which is never a very good combination when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.

With the kitchen very close to my office it is all too easy to pick up and eat something which is heavily processed or something that will provide a very brief  and unsatisfying sugar rush. Usually that’s exactly what I would do but for some reason I didn’t succumb to the temptation as much this week.

I think I was rescued by easy access to a bunch of bananas, some satsumas and a bit of up front preparation of my daily juices!

I see lots of people asking about if juices can be made up in advance and how long juices can be stored for.

How I balance juicing with a busy lifestyle

When I’m working from home I don’t usually prepare juices in advance. I much prefer to make them fresh as it only takes 5 minutes. This works brilliantly to the point where the workload and stress levels take over!

When I am travelling into the office, I travel early to miss the traffic. I always make up a juice for breakfast and lunch. They are made up at least 12 hours before the first one is drunk  and I always ensure that they are stored in an airtight container, away from the light and in a cold fridge.

[Check out Neil’s post: Juicing FAQs: How I Store Juices]

I know this sounds like a long time between making and consuming and I know that some of the nutrient benefit is lost over that time but it is still much much better for you than a shop bought sandwich, a packet of crisps or one of the other multitude of unhealthy lunch options that most people consume on a daily basis.

I also double up on a recipe as I don’t want to be carrying and storing more than one juice container if I can help it. Having the same juice for breakfast and lunch might sound a bit boring but its not so bad and I also get another unexpected benefit…..

How to increase juicing yield – The Power of 2

You often hear about the power of juicing addressing health issues but it has another little miracle up its sleeve. I have found that if I juice to a single portion recipe I get a single portion juice, somewhere between 340 ml / 12 oz and 450ml / 16 oz. When I double up on a recipe I almost always get much more than a double portion! Invariably I get my portion for breakfast, a portion for lunch and enough of a portion to address those late afternoon hunger pangs! I don’t know how it works but it does! Try it for yourself   😉

Juicy Weight Loss

My juicy news is better this week?  I lost just over 2.5 pounds. That brings my total juicing weight loss to 64 pounds (over 4.5 stone / 29 kgs)! A reasonable recovery against the previous weeks gain. In fact that is another example of the power of 2. Why does it always take 2 weeks to lose any gain that was achieved in a week no matter how hard you try? I have no idea either!


Juicing: Balance juicing with a busy lifestyle and increase yield

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