It has been a real roller coaster of a week. I had taken advantage of the holiday weekend to grab some annual leave from work and I expected to gain a little weight but I was surprised by how much and what happened next!

Juicy Highs

The week started off on a real high. A long weekend in a little cottage in the Peak District sharing time with my family and friends. I didn’t take my juicer and so I ate and drank whatever everyone else ate and drank. We did do a little bit of walking but I fully expected that these four days would probably take their toll when it came to the weigh in this morning.

On Wednesday my wife and I took a trip down to Cheltenham, UK to attend the Natural Juice Junkie’s session on How to Regain Your Health Through Juicing session at the Whole Foods Market. Firstly, what a great place the Whole Foods Market in Cheltenham is. I have never seen a place like it in the UK before. Everything you could possibly want for a healthy diet is there and we found the staff to be incredibly polite and  enthusiastic. If you are ever near one of these stores I wholeheartedly recommend you go and take a look around.

Regain Your Health Through Juicing

The primary point of the visit was to attend the Regain Your Health event and to catch up with Neil (The Natural Juice Junkie) to say hello in person. Neil and I have known each other for many years through our work in the same industry.

In fact we worked for the same company for about six months and I haven’t seen him in person since that time.

It has been over four years since  I saw Neil in the flesh and wow what a transformation! The Neil I saw over 4 years wasn’t the lean, mean, marathon running machine I shook hands with last Wednesday afternoon!

The evening was an inspiration and again, if you want to find out what juicing can do for you, I wholeheartedly recommend that you try and attend one of his events.

Natural Juice Junkie Live

Neil and Mark at Natural Juice Junkie Live

Not So Highs

The week ended on a mixed and not so good note. On Thursday I started to suffer with some gout pain. This is the first attack of gout I have suffered since the autumn of 2013. I really thought that I had seen the back of it. The previous couple of attacks had been successfully controlled via pineapple based juices and lots of water and I really thought that they would have been the last. It turns out that it isn’t the case. It’s funny how nature has a way of bringing you back to earth. So, although this attack isn’t severe its a bit of a reminder that I can’t get complacent and that I still have to watch what I am doing.

On a more encouraging note I put on one of my old fleece jackets yesterday morning because it was a bit chilly. It looked huge! It was so huge that my youngest daughter clambered into it with me. We took a photo, just a reminder of how far I had come in this journey so far.

Marks show his weight loss in his old clothes

I’m also looking forward to watching Jason Vale’s new documentary Super Juice Me! next week. It becomes available for viewing for free between 27th April 2014 and 5th May 2014. I am positive that it will enlighten and inspire. Make sure you catch it!

So my Juicy News this week is a disappointing gain of 6 lbs and a mild attack of gout! Not really the result I wanted but I am determined that I will get back on track next week.



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