In this week’s juicing journal, Mark discusses how to live a healthy, but balanced lifestyle

I have spent a terrific long weekend away from home with family and friends. Very patchy internet connection (hence delayed juicing journal), fresh air, glorious scenery and great company are the right ingredients to forget about the pressures of daily life and unwind completely. If you ever get the chance to visit the Peak District in the UK I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

I had a similarly relaxing weekend the weekend before. I had a meet up with a bunch of my old school and hockey playing friends. Nothing elaborate, just lots of beer, lots of laughs and a very naughty meal at a completely unsociable hour of the early morning!

Imagine my surprise when I weighed in last Friday morning. I must admit that I did fear the worst but actually, despite the excesses of the weekend, I still managed to lose a little bit of weight. RESULT!

Knowledge is Power!

It just goes to show that having an understanding of juicing and nutrition can be used as a very powerful tool to give you control over your health and well being.

As long as you apply that knowledge on an ongoing basis and do more of the right stuff than the wrong stuff it is perfectly ok to socialise and be a bit, or a lot, naughty every now and then.

The knowledge I have about juicing and clean living empowers me. It enables me to manage my life and to provide a sustainable way of losing weight, regaining my health and socialising  without worry. I know I will reach my goals. Its a case of treating this as a marathon rather than a sprint. Accept that there will be hills to climb and enjoy the descents!

The Big Juicing Event

This week is going to be incredibly interesting. My wife and I are going to attend a juicing workshop that Neil (Natural Juice Junkie) is delivering in Cheltenham, UK.

I’m looking forward to that evening immensely. Not only is Neil’s story incredibly inspirational but I am also looking forward to catching back up with Neil who have haven’t seen in person for a good while.

[For info on Neil’s upcoming juicing events take a look at Juicing Events – Natural Juice Junkie Live!]

Juice It Forward

I will also be running my own workshop, of sorts, a little later in the week. My parents have seen the change in me and are keen to explore the world of juicing for themselves.

On Thursday we will be going out and buying their first juicer and I will be taking them through what juicing is, why it works and coming up with a plan and some recipes for them. I’m looking forward to tracking their experiences and possibly recounting their journey in this blog as well as my own.

I think that is it for now. When I weighed in on Friday morning I had lost another 1 lb this week. An amazing and unexpected result but a very welcome one all the same!


Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss

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