Juicing and the research about how eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day can prolong lives was being discussed yesterday morning on the local BBC radio station. I decided to email the show and within 10 minutes or so I was ‘on air’ as a phone in guest.

Today I was in the studio along with Hannah, the owner of a local juice bar, Applebar.

It was a lot of fun discussing juicing and having Mark Cummings, the breakfast show host, and his team trying to guess what was in the juices we made them.

Near the end of the show, Mark said “I will be honest with you, I’m gonna now do a little bit of veggie juicing”. I guess that means the juices were a hit!

Lucy Rivers Bulkeley was also on the show. Having become the first European woman to complete the 4 Desert Grandslam in 2010 (250km self supported across the Atacama, Gobi, Sahara and Antarctica) Lucy is now attempting to become the first woman to complete the 7 Summits challenge – scaling the highest mountain on each of the world’s continents. She has successfully made the summit of Aconcagua, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro…….Everest is next!

Lucy was also keen on the juices, after sipping The Red One she said “I wish I knew about the juices before this.”

You can check out Lucy’s blog at http://www.lucyrb.com

Juicing Thrilled the Radio Star

Juicing Thrilled the Radio Star – Breakfast show presenter Mark Cummings sips a green juice

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