Last week I blogged about the current fashion for long periods of detoxing / rebooting.  I also decided that I would undertake a mini detox to show the results I could achieve with a shorter period and to reboot my body after my Easter and birthday celebrations.

Am I Against Long periods of Detoxing / Rebooting?

Absolutely not although it’s fair to say that last week’s blog did spark a bit of a debate which was fantastic! I have nothing against long periods of detoxing but my own view is that it might not be possible, desirable or even required for some people. Maybe a much shorter period, say 3 to 5 days, is adequate and achievable and could provide the launchpad for longer periods if required. Success breeds success after all and I would hate to think that someone would give up juicing altogether because they felt that they had failed during a long detox.

How Did I Detox / Reboot?

I had a business conference last Tuesday and the food and refreshment choices during the breaks and at lunchtime were, as expected, not the healthiest! I didn’t overindulge. I made the best of it by eating the bare minimum of the healthiest stuff I could find.

After the conference I decided that I would go with juice only for three days from the Wednesday to see how I got on. I made up my juices the night before because of travelling into the office and I kept to simple but delicious recipes involving lots of leafy greens. I consumed 4 juices a day with a herbal mint tea first thing in the morning and lots of water in between.

My go to green juice is Natural Juice Junkie’s Kale of Duty which I modified slightly to include half kale and half spinach.

I completed a couple of sessions on the cross trainer. About 5 miles per session which doesn’t sound very much but for someone that has done very little exercise for many years is mega! I had one indiscretion where I ate a small Chelsea bun that my daughter had made at school and brought home for us to try. I don’t have a problem with that.

It was a conscious choice on my behalf as I wanted to provide my daughter with positive feedback and a sense of achievement (it was well deserved, it was delicious!). My mini detox was as simple as that! It was achievable and enjoyable and I am happy with the results!

What Was The Result of My Mini Detox?

I jumped on the scales this morning to find out the result of the mini detox and my juicy news this week is a loss of just under 5 1/2 half pounds!

My total weight loss is pretty close to 75 lbs in total. I am now at the lightest I have been for many many years and I feel great!

I’m not the only one that is travelling a juicy journey of course.

My parents who are both in their 70’s have recently started incorporating freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices into their  daily routine and they both lost 2 lbs each this week. My Dad has lost nearly 10 lbs in 3 weeks which he is incredibly happy about. All they have done is introduce 1 juice a day into their routine. They transformed 33.3% of their diet overnight which was simple for them to do and is awesome!

I have also become aware of other friends and friends of friends who have started juicing and they are reporting success stories as well! I hope I will be able to get more detailed feedback from them in future weeks.

The various detox / reboot debates will continue I’m sure. I know from experience that the best strategy for a healthier lifestyle is the one that you can make work, whatever that might be! Persistence is definitely the key because I would never say that this was easy, but I would say that it is was simple! So just keep going!


Juicing for Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe

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