This week I look at the momentum being gained by the whole juicing phenomenon and unveil how my wife got on with her first week of juicing.

Why is juicing exploding everywhere you look?

Everyone would love to be healthier, slimmer and happier and success breeds success!

I have found that since incorporating fresh natural vegetable and fruit juices into my daily routine, I have had all of that and more. I have enjoyed visible results and lots of other people have done to.  When people see positive physical and emotional changes in others, how could they not want to find out how it was done?

Have you seen Super Juice Me?

One of the most recent reasons for the explosion in the interest in juicing is a documentary that was only released last weekend. Super Juice Me is a documentary created by juicing superstar Jason Vale, aka The Juice Master.

Super Juice Me! chronicles the 28 day journey of 8 people who collectively suffer from 22 diseases.

I guarantee you will shed a little tear, forever question what is “normal”, be captivated by the people and be inspired to make changes in your own life.

It can be watched online for free until 5th May 2014 so you had better be quick!

As a little side note. My middle daughter watched part of the documentary last Sunday and was subsequently found to be eating bananas and apples (she claims she doesn’t like fruit) shortly afterwards!

Now that is positive change in action!

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie in the juicing documentary Super Juice Me!

Neil Martin, Natural Juice Junkie in the juicing documentary Super Juice Me!

Use Your Results to Inspire Others!

Since August of 2013 I have lost close to 70 lbs.

My journey continues and there have been and will be bumps along the road but the results I have achieved have actually encouraged a few others to try juicing for themselves!

My parents purchased their first juicer last week and I am eagerly waiting to see how they get on.

A good friend also purchased a juicer last week and is looking to incorporate freshly extracted juices into their diet.

You Don’t Have to Juice Fast!

This week my wife also took the plunge and started to incorporate juicing into her daily diet. I think it was seeing Neil and one of his recent live juicing events that finally persuaded her. She said Neil’s enthusiasm is infectious!

[You can see a short clip of Neil talking at one of his live events here:]

My wife had always tried the juices that I was creating but had never felt that she enjoyed them enough to use them regularly. Also, the thought of undertaking a juice fast / detox wasn’t ever on the cards! So, we found a few recipes that she liked and she adopted the same daily approach as I do.

A juice for breakfast, a juice for lunch, a late afternoon juice (to keep those hunger pangs away) and a healthy, plant based, meal in the evenings.

I am so proud of her.

She has now completed a week of juicing and eating healthily and she has lost 5 lbs !  I think its fair to say that she is happy with that result and will be continuing.

At this rate the local clothes shops are in for a bumper time when we both have to replace our wardrobes!

Mark's wife starts juicing after Natural Juice Junkie Live Event

Mark’s wife starts juicing after Natural Juice Junkie Live Event

Juicy Weight Loss

My own juicy news this week is that I lost just over 2 lbs.

After a severe gout attack I have had a very sedentary existence this week . Its been quite painful to move around too much. The most disappointing thing is that I thought I had seen the last of my gout as I hadn’t had an attack since last year.  It’s funny how nature pops up every now and then to remind you that there is more work to be done. Well, I have taken notice, that work starts now!


Juicing Weight Loss - Mark Beddoe, 3 May 2014

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