I am used to getting funny comments about my juicing lifestyle choice, but as the months have gone by and people have seen my juicing weight loss results, those comments have become questions. People around me are starting to become really inquisitive….

“What type of juicer do you use?”

“How many juices do you have a day?”

“Don’t you get terribly windy drinking all of those vegetables?”

“You can get juice out of a sweet potato?!”

I love them all, but the question I love most of all is:

“Isn’t juicing really expensive?”

My response is always “Yes it is, very expensive, because I have to keep buying smaller clothes every couple of months!”

Juicing Journal: Is Juicing Expensive? The TRUE Cost of Juicing

The above picture shows how I looked in the summer of 2013 and how I looked this morning (May 2014).

Over 70lbs in lost weight and several new sets of clothes later!

Investment Not a Cost

I don’t consider the expense of juicing a cost. It is most definitely an investment. An investment in myself.

An investment that is providing me with a very healthy return (no pun intended)!

It is much more than the weight loss of course. I am more mobile, more alert, more alive! How could I consider juicing a cost when I get so much back from it?

The bad old days of an unhealthy diet have definitely been pushed to one side and I have made permanent changes to my way of life!

Juicing Journal: Is Juicing Expensive? The TRUE Cost of Juicing

Juicy News

I have several sets of news this week. Its important to note that none of these people are detoxing or juice fasting, they are just incorporating freshly extracted vegetable and fruit juices into their day.

My wife continued juicing last week and she lost 1 lb.

My Father completed his first week of juicing and lost 4 lbs. He seemed to be really enjoying the whole experience as well which was great to hear.

I fully recovered from my gout attack and had a much better week. A couple of visits to the cross trainer have helped and I lost just over 5 lbs. This takes my total weight loss to over 70 lbs and breaks through the 5 stone goal. Result!

Juicing Weight Loss - Mark Beddoe, 10 May 2014

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