My birthday celebrations are over for another year. I have drunk, eaten and made merry and now its time to get serious again.

How Long Do I Reboot / Detox For?

I am so glad that juicing is gaining in popularity at the moment.

The benefits that it can bring to individuals and to society as a whole are far reaching and I believe it should form the basis for a new paradigm in diet and healthy living. Lets face it, the multitude of medicines available to society don’t seem to be getting the job done now do they?

Having said this I also believe that there is a strange attitude to rebooting / detoxing among its supporters. Its almost like there is a secret competition to see who can detox for the longest period. 5 days, 7 days, 15 days, 100 days and beyond!

My concern is not that detoxing for this period of time (if well managed) might be harmful but its more to do with what happens if you don’t make it? I have seen post after post on social media from people beating themselves up over falling off the juicing wagon after X number of days. My concern is that because of this “perceived” failure that they give up and stop juicing altogether.

My firm belief is that most people only need to detox for a period of 5 to 7 days. Unless you have a chronic disease then 5 to 7 days is more than enough to get rid of the toxins, give your metabolism a kick start and put in place sustainable habits that will see you achieve whatever goals you have set.

So, how long do I reboot / detox for? I have never detoxed for more than 3 to 5 days at a time. I get the kick start that I need, plus it is very achievable. There is nothing to stop me setting another 3 to 5 day period if I wanted.

Why and When Do I Start My Reboot / Detox?

I am at the point where I think I need to reboot the system. Easter and my birthday celebrations have caused my progress to stutter a little over the last few weeks and so I will be rebooting this coming week.

I will be starting on Wednesday. I know this seems like an odd time to start, but I have to attend a conference on Tuesday and that would make sticking to a juice only day quite tricky. I will be rebooting until Sunday making for 5 days in total. As I said before, this length of time is more than plenty for me.

What Reboot / Detox program Will I Follow?

When rebooting / detoxing I like to keep things simple and cost effective. That’s why is usually follow the The Natural Juice Junkie Budget Juice Reboot.  I find it gives me everything I need, it’s easy to do and it doesn’t break the bank account!

How Do I keep Focused?

It can be tricky to keep motivated sometimes. It is easy to forget how far I have come already and use it to spur me on to continue moving forward. Having great people around me helps enormously. There are various sources of help, motivation and inspiration available online as well. Sometimes having a little photographic reminder of your progress also helps.


This photo was taken this morning. It is important to me because the t-shirt I am wearing was purchased at a concert nearly two and a half years ago. It was the biggest t-shirt that was on sale that night. When it was bought I couldn’t wear it because it was too small for me. I tried it on yesterday and not only does it fit, dare I say it, it is a little bit too big!

Juicy News

My juicy news this week is that all of my family and friends that started juicing last week have continued.

My father has lost another 3 lbs making it 7 lbs in two weeks. Result! My mother also starts her juicing journey this week and I look forward to sharing how she gets on. All of this is great news, I am so proud of them all. I am now getting sent photos of glasses containing incredibly bright concoctions on a regular basis which is fantastic!

As for myself, I actually gained a couple of pounds this week. I’m happy with that. I thought it might have been worse after my birthday celebrations. The reboot will sort me out for next week I’m sure!


Mark Beddoe Juicing Weight Loss 17 May 2014

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