If you are trying to make lifestyle changes, then it is almost inevitable that you will experience some challenges along the way. Finding a reason why you MUST succeed can help you to get through the difficult times and achieve your goals.

A few weeks ago I sent out an invite to participate in a short survey to my newsletter subscribers. One of the things the survey asked was:

“If you could ask me just one question, what would it be?”

Over the coming weeks I plan to answer every single question I received. There were a lot of questions, so this process will take a little time to complete, but I promise that if you sent me a question, I will answer it for you.

The most common theme amongst those questions was motivation, with questions like:

  • How do you keep motivated?
  • How to keep motivated through food cravings?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • How to keep a strong determination?
  • What is your inspiration?

As there were so many questions like these I thought I would tackle this are first.

My own personal motivation is my children.

When my daughter was born in 2009 I watched as her brother (aged 10 at the time) held her in his arms and love flowed between them. At the time I was classed as “severely obesity” and was suffering from multiple health problems.

I was actually off the chart on the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator!

If you’ve read my story, heard me being interviewed, or if you’ve seen me talking at live event, you will know that the decline in my health started when I was 22 years old and I lost my own father suddenly to cancer when he was aged just 50.

Watching my children together I feared that history would repeat itself. In fact, I feared I wouldn’t make it to 40 (now less than a year a way).

What keeps me motivated?

My motivation is very very simple. I don’t want to repeat that cycle.

I don’t want my children to to grow up without a father. I don’t want my grandchildren to never meet their grandfather.

When I have days when my motivation dips I simply think of my wife and children and the impact it would have on their lives if I was to follow my Dad to an early grave. Through good nutrition and an active lifestyle we can lower of risk of disease. I want to live a long and healthy life, both so I can be there for my family and also to set an example for my children.

Natural Juice Junkie, Neil Martin before and after pic with kids

The picture on the left was taken shortly after my daughter born. The picture on the right was just over 5 years later.

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