“Thanks for an absolutely inspirational juicing workshop at the Wholefoods Market tonight – it was eminently practical and tremendously motivational at the same time! I’m coming away from it inspired and encouraged” – Chris

I am truly humbled by some of the comments I’ve received in the last few days. I try to deliver the best value I can in my juicing workshops and seminars and love to hear feedback from those who attend. I thought I would post a few of the comments here for who are thinking about attending an upcoming event.

“I attended one of the most inspirational workshops I have ever been to last night – Neil Martin – The Natural Juice Junkie. Neil comes across as totally passionate about his life’s mission to get us all eating more healthily via juicing. Neil is one of these rare individuals who not only talks the talk but has walked the walk. I am sure he wont mind me saying his transformation from unhealthy and overweight to enegetic and vibrant (he is current training for a 100 mile Super marathon!) is engaging and compelling. More importantly he inspired 6 of us last night to start juicing based on his amazing recipes. I tried juicing a few years ago and held a belief similar to no pain no gain – which was if it was good for you it should taste like something Ant and Dec would snigger at while you consumed it! However his recipes are actually very pleasant and varied!!! I’ve done day one of his 7 day challenge and am looking forward to day 2! Get to see Neil at one of his talks if you get the chance and get juicing! You need to hear what this guy has to say! “ – Simon

"One of the Most Inspirational Workshops I Have Ever Been To"

“Thank you so much for the workshop last night, it was not what I expected at all.  I expected a demo with why certain things might be good for you and some tasters etc.  I thought I might come away from it thinking, “oh I might like to try and make that one”. I did not expect to come away feeling so positive about myself and my future.  I certainly didn’t think I would come away planning to do a full 7 days on just juice, which I am.” – Sharon

Juicing: "One of the Most Inspirational Workshops I Have Ever Been To"

“Neil Martin is the man! He’s probably saved my life!!” – Elliott

You can find details of future events at: http://naturaljuicejunkie.com/events

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