This is my first blog in a couple of weeks. Time just seems to have flown by with lots of family events taking place. You know the ones, the type that make you think blimey, “where did all the years go?” and “is it Monday already!?”.

It kicked off with my 21st Wedding Anniversary, then our eldest daughter got her first very own car, then we went off to Liverpool for the weekend, then it was Fathers Day last Sunday and then it was back to work.

This weekend the two younger girls are dancing, school fete, our newly refurbished indoor market opens to the public and it is my eldest daughters 20th birthday! The last couple of weeks have gone by in a blur and don’t even get me started on England’s performance in the World Cup!!

Juicing Journal: Busy Busy Busy

We all experience this kind of frantic activity. Even with all of the technology at our disposal our lives just seem to get busier and busier.

It’s no wonder that people reach out for food on the go. The so called foods of convenience that come in wrappers that look and smell so good but are more often nutritionally dead!

A few years back I was one of these people. A very pressurised job in IT led to me making lots of “convenience” choices with my diet and I suffered for those decisions by becoming morbidly obese and having a number of health issues.

It was only when I had my nutritional revelation last summer (Aug’13) that I have started to get things back on track.

Since last August I have lost over 75lbs and I am still going. My health is vastly improved and my energy levels and fantastic. Its amazing what a few veggies and a bit of fruit will do.

You Owe It To Yourself

Its not always easy though.

I empathise with those people that claim that they are too busy to take care of what they eat. I would have probably make the same excuses myself a few years ago.

It’s not always easy, but it’s not impossible to eat or juice healthily within a busy life. I know of people who go to extraordinary lengths to make sure they are getting all of the nutrition they need on a daily basis.

It can be as dramatic as begging and borrowing a juicer from a hotel, even carrying your own juicer on business trips and having to clean it in the bathroom sink! It could also be a great deal simpler like making up juices the night before or making up juices a week in advance and freezing them.

If getting your hands on a freshly extracted veggie and fruit juice is really going to be a problem then making good choices from restaurant menus or grabbing fresh veggies and fruits from your supermarket shelves.

Juicing Journal: Mark enjoys a glass of wine

Its all about making the best choice you can in any given circumstance. Of course you always have to have room to socialise. We are social animals and we do like the odd dinner party or night out with friends!

I don’t have any problem with any of this. One night out with a less than healthy meal and a few drinks with friends will be just as beneficial for your soul as your clean diet is for your body. I’m quite happy in the understanding that my body will cope with the odd bit of unhealthy living!

You owe it to yourself to make the best choices you can as often as you can. No one else can do it for you.

The juicy news is that I have gained a couple of pounds over the last couple of weeks. I’m quite happy with that. Exercise has been minimal and a weekend away in Liverpool last weekend have had their impact.

This weekend will probably be more of the same whilst we host various relatives for my daughters birthday celebrations. I’m hoping that the exercise levels will pick up next week and I will start to see the weight loss gather some momentum again.

Have a great week!


Juicing weight loss - Mark Beddoe 21 Jun 2014

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