The highlight of the week was definitely a trip to Wembley Stadium and bumping into a old work colleague.

There Is Only One Direction

Throughout my juicing journey there have been some ups and downs. I still maintain that incorporating juicing into my life has been the single most important thing I have ever done for my health. The overall trend on my weight loss chart, despite the odd weeks, still shows a definite and dramatic single direction – Downwards!

Juicing Weight Loss - Mark Beddoe 8 Jun 2014Juicing Weight Loss - Mark Beddoe 8 Jun 2014

Just recently my weight loss has been on a bit of a plateau and I have found it difficult to maintain the same rate of weight improvement.  I suspect that this is because I have been exercising much more than I ever have done and so weight loss is being offset by the building of improved muscle mass. At least that is what I tell myself but I’m sure I’m not wrong!

As weight loss is one of my primary measures of health improvement I guess it would be easy to get a bit despondent but in fact I know that I am doing the right thing and every now and then something happens to remind me how far I have come in my juicing journey…

The Real One Direction

I love live music but the kind of music I love more than anything tends to involve long hair and lots of guitars!

My wife and two of my three daughters share this love of rock but the middle daughter tends to favour some of the better known pop acts. In fact she favours a particular boy band, who you might have heard of, called One Direction.  In fact she favours a certain Harry Styles from One Direction!

When they announced their 2014 UK tour we managed to get hold of some tickets and so yesterday my daughter, her best friend, my wife and I took the 140 mile trip from our home to Wembley Stadium in London.

After we arrived we grabbed some lunch and were just standing outside the restaurant when I spotted an old work colleague walking towards us.  It turned out that he had brought his daughter and wife to the same concert.

I hadn’t seen this guy for 4 1/2 years! He last saw me when I was in pretty bad shape physically. We hung out with each other for the whole evening whilst we waited for the concert to finish. We had a great time catching up on all the gossip. It was like the old days and like the years had never passed.

The reason that I mention this encounter was not only did it make my week catching up on old times but it also reinforced my resolve to continue doing what I am doing. On a number of occasions my old friend and work colleague remarked on how alive and well I looked! A different person compared to when he last saw me!

Juicy News

I had a pretty clean juicing and eating week this week and my exercise levels were up (3 sessions of 5 miles per session on the cross trainer) and I think this is reflected in the weigh in. This week I lost 2 lbs. I am now back to the lightest I have been in many many years and I am still feeling great! I have definitely found My Direction!


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