Just one more birthday celebration to go this weekend and then there is a need to get back on track. How do I get back on track? With a juicing reboot / juice detox / juice fast / juice feast (call it what you will)!

Why Reboot / Detox?

The benefits of regular reboots / detoxing is widely documented but for me it provides a simple way to clear out toxins, boost my energy and realign my taste buds and intent to live as cleanly as possible until the next reboot.

Picture courtesy of Tomer Cohen

Picture courtesy of Tomer Cohen

How Long Do I Reboot / Detox For?

There are lots of stories in social media that describe rebooting / detoxing for extended periods of time. It can almost seem like a bit of a competition to see who has rebooted for the longest time. My personal opinion is that unless you are trying to tackle a chronic condition then a 4 or 5 day reboot / detox is more than adequate for most people. I have never rebooted beyond this point and I have still enjoyed the many benefits that a juice detox / reboot has to offer including losing over 75 lbs in weight!

Which Reboot / Detox Program Do I Follow?

Rebooting / detoxing takes a certain amount of discipline and commitment. My experience is that it is easier to be disciplined if you follow some sort of guided plan. No need to reinvent the wheel, just follow what others have done before you. The trouble is that there are so many different tracks you can take when it comes to rebooting / detoxing. A bewildering array of plans, books, apps, websites it’s no wonder that people get a bit confused as to which one to follow.

Photo courtesy of: Thomas Leth-Olsen

Photo courtesy of: Thomas Leth-Olsen

So if I have lost over 75 lbs which reboot / detox plan do I follow?

Well it may shock you to hear that I have never followed any reboot / detox program to the absolute letter!

Its not always possible for a variety of reasons. I have had juicers blow up on me just before I started or sometimes the ingredients aren’t readily available. Sometimes you just have to be a bit flexible. The key message here is whatever challenges present themselves, JUST DO SOMETHING. It wont matter if you have to have the same juice twice because you couldn’t get a particular ingredient, it really wont, I promise  🙂

I may not have followed a plan to the absolute letter but I have followed a plan to about 75% to 80%. The plan I have used as my guide has been Natural Juice Junkie’s Budget Juice Reboot. This plan has been very important to me as it allowed me to detox / reboot in the most cost effective way possible. I have also adopted many of the juices as my go to recipes for daily consumption, quite simply because they are delicious!

Natural Juice Junkie 5 Day Juice Detox - FREE download

The fact that I am in dire need of a reboot coincides nicely with the launch of Natural Juice Junkie’s latest reboot plan “5 Day Juice Detox Plan” which I am going to follow next week.

A few of the recipes have been posted to the website already and from what I hear Neil has been developing a new series of recipes making 90% of the plan brand new!

You can download the shopping list and schedule for FREE using the ‘Free Downloads’ button on the Natural Juice Junkie Facebook page (on the left hand side as you scroll down the page).

Free downloads on Natural Juice Junkie Facebook Page


I will be blogging about how I get on with the plan next week. I may even drop a few progress posts on my twitter page @ExploreJuice and my Facebook page www.facebook.com/ExploreJuice as I go through the week.

This Weeks Juicy News

It won’t come as any surprise to those that are close to me that I have gained 3 lbs this week. I think that makes 5 lbs over the last three weeks. It’s fine, its probably a little better than I expected to be honest. This busy period of celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries is nearly over and I am looking forward to the reboot / detox next week!

Right, I am off to hunt down some Mason jars for storing all of the lovely new juices I’m going to be making next week!


Juicing Weight Loss - Mark Beddoe 28 Jun 2014

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