Helen was sceptical about juicing. She says “I’ve done a lot of fad diets and found that you would lose a lot of weight and then you gain it back.”

Helen then attended a Natural Juice Junkie workshop and says:

“I went to one of Neil’s events and I was no longer a sceptic at all. I found that Neil was very inspirational and motivated me… Neil completely changed my mind about juicing, all together.”

The power juicing for just 3 days

“I was feeling very sick in the mornings, I found my health deteriorated and I wanted to lose a bit of weight. I used to suffer from morning sickness for about 4 months and couldn’t find what the issue was, or the problem. I went to the doctors and they suggested changes to my diet, which I did. I found that the sickness was still there. (I’m not pregnant) I tried juicing and the sickness went away within 3 days.”

“I was motivated to lose a bit of weight. I’ve already dropped to about size 11, I was a size 14. I’m finding I’ve got a lot more energy now. I no longer need power naps in the afternoon. I no longer feel tired late at night and I’ve got a lot more energy in the morning and am a lot more motivated to get up and do work as well.”

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