This week I reveal what happened during my 5 day juice detox. What were my favourite juices? What were the downsides of the 5 day juice detox? What results did the 5 day juice detox help me achieve?

Juicing: Green Dream Smoothie

Why Do I Juice Detox?

Personally, I find detoxing is a way of resetting and reclaiming my new healthy lifestyle. I think that describing it as a reboot of the system is the perfect attitude to adopt because for me that is exactly what I am doing. I know that after a period of consuming freshly extracted juice alone I will clear out my body of toxins, reset my taste buds and generally reaffirm my intentions to live as healthily as I can. It’s a way point on my health journey and it doesn’t have to be for very long. Four or five days is enough for me to click my life and body back into place so that I can strive towards my next goal.

What Happened During The 5 Day Juice Detox?

During this detox I was fortunate to have my wife taking part as well. Although my wife already incorporates juicing into her busy life she had never completed a full, juice only, detox. We were both intrigued to see what would happen!

We followed the Natural Juice Junkie‘s very easy 5 day juice detox plan:

Ginger slammer in the morning followed a juice for breakfast, lunch, late afternoon and evening.

I have become a bit safe with my recipe choices over the last few months and so it was great that about 90% of the recipes in the plan were brand new.  Some of those recipes will definitely be going on the regular juice list because they were fantastic.

The big favourites of the plan were The Red One, Unbeetable and the outright winner was Strawberry Sunset.

I also have a soft spot for the Ginger Slammer which is so simple yet so powerful and I absolutely attribute my lack of hay fever this year to that recipe!

Juicing - Ginger Slammer

We also had another juicer in the family. Our eldest daughter is back from University at the moment as she has just started a year out in industry. She has been taking juices to work with her for her breakfast every morning. She has also been dipping into recipes from the 5 Day Juice Detox plan and has pretty much enjoyed all of the recipes she has tried. More importantly she found that she had plenty of energy all morning and didn’t feel hungry at all!

Where There Any Downsides?

Yes, downsides. There are two that I can think of. The first was that I had to make so much juice which means so much cleaning! Juices for my daughter, my wife and myself, all prepared the night before was enjoyable but the cleaning of the juicer after every double batch was quite time consuming.  The second was the detox symptoms. I have never experienced symptoms like this before….

What Detox Symptoms Did I Experience?

When I have completed a detox in the past I have always experienced a day or two of bad headaches. after a couple of days they pass and I understand that it is all part of the detoxification process. I fully expected the same this time around although I had been living quite cleanly prior to starting the detox so I was curious to see if the headaches would be any better than previously.

The result? Not a single headache! Nope, niet, nada, nothing! However, I did get a huge spot on the side of my face! So juicing can reverse your age. I was becoming an acne ridden teenager again!

What Were the Results of My 5 Day Juice Detox?

I don’t advocate that weight loss should be the focus of any detoxification process but it is an inescapable  fact that weight is a pretty quick and clear cut measure of your bodies reaction to the process. My wife and I did jump on the scales before we started the plan and we dutifully jumped on the scales at the end of the plan. The results? My wife lost just over 4 lbs and was quite staggered because I had lost just over 7 lbs! A total between us of over 11 lbs in 5 days! Result!

The scales say "Awesome"

More importantly we are feeling well, energy levels and mental alertness is good and we are even talking about repeating the plan next week.

I have also found out that my father has lost nearly 1 stone since he started juicing (a month or so ago) and has started taking juice samples into his Ballroom Dancing club for the other members to try! Juice on Dad!


Juicing weight loss - Mark Beddoe, 5 July 2014

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