This week I explore what goals mean to me, what goals do I have, why I have them and what success have I had in reaching them.

The most important thing about goals is having one

Geoffrey F. Abert

What Is A Goal?

goal is a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve.  A personal or organisational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.

There is a whole management science surrounding goals. I can only imagine the hours I have spent, sat  around meeting tables discussing goals, SMART goals, objectives and plans.  Like most things, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Us mere mortals can use goals to motivate ourselves and  help drive ourselves forward in the right direction too!

Keeping It Simple

For me? I would much rather keep it simple and invest my time putting some positive action into achieving them.

So what does a goal mean to me? It’s simply an end result, a desired outcome. Something that I want to achieve or I want to be.

It’s also important to note that you can have more than one goal and those goals can have different time frames. Have goals for career, finances, family, artistic and health. Have lifetime goals, ten year goals, five year goals or even goals for next month.  Why not set goals for every aspect of your life that you want to change?

Write them down and review them regularly. Ok, I’m not the best at this bit but you should write them down. Committing them to paper helps you to focus on the detail, not forget what they were and allows you to review and filter opportunities against what you originally wanted.

Keeping It Flexible

I also believe that it is possible to be flexible with your goals. Having an awareness of your environment might cause you to reassess your goals at various points. There is a risk that, depending on your personality type, you may be so focused and driven by a particular goal that you miss other opportunities that might make you want to reassess existing goals or even create new ones. Finding the right balance between awareness and focus is a key component of success in my opinion.

What Do Goals Do For Me?

Having a series of personal goals helps me to set my long term vision and my short term motivation. They help me to organise my time, guide me on what knowledge to seek out and what resources I might need.

They allow me to measure my progress and can give me an enormous sense of satisfaction, pride and confidence when they are achieved.

Juicing Journal: Why You Should Have Goals?

Pic credit: Celestine Chua

What Are My Goals?

I have a number of goals, but my long term health goal is to be as fit and healthy as I was on they day that I got married over 21 years ago. I have given myself two years to achieve this goal and it has taken me a long time to find the right plan and tools in order to start making progress towards it but I believe that I am now well on my way.

I am almost 12 months into achieving this goal and with over 80 lbs of lost weight and regular exercise several times a week I think I am on target!

I set a few other goals along the way of course. Smaller and more short term but just as important. Some of  the goals I make public and some of them I keep private. In fact I achieved one of them this week.

For many more years than I care to remember I have had a waist measurement in excess of 40 inches. This week I purchased and have been wearing shorts with a waist measurement in the 30’s.  Similarly up until a month or so ago my shirts had a size measured in multiple XL’s. Now I only need a single X and I’m well on my way to not needing any X’s at all!

New Goals

Juicing and healthy living is allowing me to transform myself in a way that I never thought possible just over a year go. It is literally giving me my life back. Opportunities to help others and get involved with new and exciting ventures seem to be cropping up all the time at the moment and I’m sure my goals will flex and change to accommodate those opportunities as well.

Juicing Journal: Why You Should Have Goals?

Pic Credit: John Ramspott

One recent example of a new goal, and one that I would never in a million years  have thought I would do, is to take place in the 2015 JCB Mud Run. A charitable 5 mile run through woods, rivers, inclines, peat, grass – and of course the obligatory mud!

Just over a year ago I would never have considered it but if the event takes place in 2015 then my wife, Carolyn, and I will be giving it a go!

No Meat Athlete Training Roadmaps

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Juicy news

This weeks juicy news is that my weight stayed level. I’m happy with that, I’ve been continuing with exercise but I suspect that during this current heatwave I haven’t been keeping myself hydrated well enough. Total weight loss is still over 80 lbs which is definitely a Result!


Juicing Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 26 July 2014

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