I can quite honestly say that in the last few days in particular I have been feeling better than I can ever remember. I have no idea why, but the amount of energy I have is insane!

I continue to try and live as healthily as I can.

Maybe its because we have booked next years summer holiday or maybe its because I have become aware of more people that have taken up juicing and are loving it! Maybe it was because I had to go out and buy some more clothes (smaller ones I hasten to add). I have no idea but I am buzzing and loving it!

The only dampening of the mood was following the disturbing publication of draft guidelines from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) where they are recommending more surgical interventions for the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes. I wont go into the details of the draft (you can read it here), but to my mind not only are there not enough bariatric surgeons to keep up with the new cases but it makes no sense to have a strategy of surgical intervention when the root of a great deal of these chronic conditions can be dealt with by nutritional intervention.

[Neil’s response is here: You Don’t Need to Have Surgery to Beat Type 2 Diabetes]

Worried About Starting Juicing?

I am getting people asking me about juicing more and more as time goes on. People see the results I have achieved and the renewed energy that I have and they want to know how I have done it. Most people are intrigued and supportive but I do get the odd funny look and sometimes funny questions and odd comments. I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t try and argue my case. I would carry on doing what I am doing let the results speak for themselves.  I hate pictures of myself, probably something to do with subconscious body image issues, but yesterday I actually took a selfie and this morning Idid a before and after shot! Here it is, it represents 11 months of juicing and healthy eating.

Juicing for Weight Loss - Inspired by the Natural Juice Junkie, Mark sheds 80 pounds

If you are worried about juicing don’t be. It will be the single most important step you take in maximising your health. It wont be easy all of the time, you may get some funny comments and questions but the benefits will be yours for the taking and you wont regret it, I promise 🙂

Let your results speak for themselves!

Find Your Juicing Family

Big Hug

Photo Credit: Erling A

When people see my transformation, and its not finished by a long way yet, they tell me that I have done brilliantly and I am inspiring and all of those really kind and unnecessary things. Despite it being appreciated and being all very nice it is a bit bewildering because I haven’t really done anything except following the examples of others.

If it hadn’t been for Neil Martin (The Natural Juice Junkie), Joe Cross, Jason Vale, my wife and daughters and films like Fat Sick & nearly Dead or Super Juice Me I would never have got this far. They were my original and continue to be my juicing family, my support group if you will.

The great thing is that the family never stops growing!

Since I started I now engage with people on Twitter and Facebook and the number of success stories keeps growing and growing. Success breeds success and the results people are achieving is truly inspiring. It’s wonderful and humbling when you get messages like I had yesterday from a guy called Ian whom I had the pleasure of working on a project with a number of years ago.


So I urge you find your juicing family. Find the support that will cheer you on when you reach your goals and help pick you back up if you trip and fall. There are plenty of us out there. All you have to do is go and look for them.

Juicy News

This weeks juicy news is another 2 lbs lost which makes it almost 80 lbs in total since I started 11 months ago. I am at the lightest I have been for almost 20 years but more importantly I feel great! I cant wait for whatever the next few months has in store and I would love it if you could share your juicy news too!




Juicing for Weight Loss - Mark sheds 80 pounds

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