“He’s a blessing. He’s definitely changed our lives.” Jon Zorrer tells me as we talk about his baby son. It turns out juicing may have played a significant role in helping the Super Juice Me star start a family.

Super Juice Me - Jon Zorrer

“I think our son has come from juicing,” says Jon.

“Before I embarked on the journey to Juicy Oasis and beyond I had been trying to get into juicing. I bought a juicer after we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. My wife had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and the doctor’s told her that she would probably never get pregnant.  She did a 20 day juice programme and then got pregnant straight away.”

It was seeing this firsthand that made Jon decide to be part of Super Juice Me. “I told Jason we wanted to start a family and I didn’t want to keep feeling sick and feeling like I couldn’t take care of myself,” he said, adding “how could I take care of another person.”

“Even after she got pregnant I felt good about wanting to change – I wanted to change for myself too but it started to give me motivation. I first saw him it was like the start of a new life.  I knew what I had to do, even if I wanted to give up I wouldn’t because I had to do it for him.”

The Super Juice Me team edits 28 days into 90 minutes

“Lots of things that happened behind the scenes you didn’t see because they had to get [many] hours down into an hour and a half” says Jon. “It was interesting to see what they actually picked to put in at the end.”

“I think that in the end they concentrated on my ulcerative colitis,” Jon was telling me how the edited film maybe presented him as being healthier than he actually was.

“I don’t really know because of the other things they never even mentioned,” Jon said as he shared with me that alongside his ulcerative colitis he was also suffering from anxiety and depression, acid reflux, sleep apnoea and “a couple of other pretty significant things that I was taking medication for.”

Super Juice Me - Jon Zorrer

Sleep Apnoea

I asked Jon if, like Andy and Roger, he also need to use a CPAP machine when sleeping.

“I‘d not long been diagnosed with the sleep apnoea and really was hesitant to go on one of the CPAP machines as that didn’t seem like a way of living. I just dealt with it and with my wife who’d get upset with it because I’d be flailing around for air in the nights.  I think the whole problem was that I was just to big and so when the weight started to come off that just went away without me having to do anything else.”

Rapid Results

During the filming of Super Juice Me at Juicy Oasis Jon was able to get off his medications.

“By the end of week one I was off my acid reflux medication, by the end of the third week I was off my depression medication and by the end of the whole filming I was off my anxiety medication.”

“I think as Jason says if you take away the toxicity and you replace it with nutrients and clean and bathe your cells then it’s like magic, things just disappear.”

Juicy Oasis

“When you’re at Juicy Oasis you’re at a juice fantasyland.  There’s not many more places that could be as conducive to doing a long juice fast.  You’re in a beautiful place with everything you could possibly need and the biggest thing (that most of us don’t realise) is beating the food addiction. There was no access to food so you couldn’t crack and so you just kept pushing through. It’s like a roller coaster of a ride – most people say you can get over the hump after 3 or 4 days but there are ups and downs through the entire process.”

“It’s the only way I can describe it – first you’re detoxing, then you’re missing food, then I was missing my wife. It was a great experience, but it was also a life changing experience, one that I will never forget – I found out I was having a boy while I was there and turned 30 while I was there.”

The Power of Cabbage Juice

“The biggest challenge for me was the colitis. Everything else just happened in its time but the colitis was a more of a challenge than they made it seem in the movie.”

“It wasn’t just like, OK start drinking cabbage juice and this thing will disappear. It went from going to the bathroom 10 times a day and being in pain to not being able to go and felling bloated and I had to do all this weird stuff and it was really only at the end of the filming of Super Juice Me that it started to go into remission.”

“I followed through and drank that  nasty cabbage juice pretty much every day. There have been days when I’ve missed it but generally I drink it every day and if I do then I’m good. I’ve done some research into why cabbage juice works and it essentially helps rebuild the walls of the intestine and the colon because it contains glutamine.”

“Cabbage juice is what sorted me out, but it did take 3 weeks for it to really work. It didn’t work instantly and that is something that’s important to know because it could be easy to give up before the miracle happens.”

Pharmaceutical Side Effects

Jon used to take steroids for his ulcerative colitis.  “I was getting double vision and ended up going to 3 eye specialists,” he said.

It turns out the steroids were giving Jon cataracts and were likely to make him go blind.

“All the medicine for ulcerative colitis is steroid based. So you’re out of luck. Even when you tell the doctor this is giving me cataracts they are still willing to give it to you.”

“The other option they gave me was cutting part of my bowel out and that was really scary to me too So I was kind of like the ostrich who buries his head in the sand and I kind of just lived with the pain and lived with whatever came along with it.”

“I’m not anti-doctor, but here in America if they were to give you a cure like cabbage juice they don’t have a repeat customer. With steroids you are a repeat customer and side effects mean you take even more drugs. It’s all about money.”

“Everybody wants to get richer and they don’t care what they do to other people as long as the symptoms are taken care of in some way. Here in America everything is about instant gratification, so if you can take drugs and still eat crap and still do the things you are addicted to, most people would unfortunately take that option.”

Super Juice Me - Jon Zorrer

Life After Super Juice Me

I asked Jon what life looks like now.

“I juice every day, usually two or three times a day now. Before Super Juice Me, I was never really a vegetable or fruit person, I was a stereotypical Irish, meat and potatoes guy and just ate lots of bad fried foods and stuff.”

“Growing up, fast food was my normal diet.”

“I never learned how to cook or take care of myself in the kitchen, so I ate a lot of take out and fast food. That’s where I think a lot of my problems came from. In my brain I was like ‘sh*t I probably did a lot of this to myself’. Like most people I hopped on the pharmaceutical train and took everything they could throw at me.”

“Now we eat all sorts of fruit and vegetables all the time – lots of salads and experiments, and now I cook which I never did before. I used to burn toast but now I’m very experimental in the kitchen so it’s been a really good experience.”

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