After a short holiday, Mark returns with a new blog post. Like many of us he’s had some time away over the summer with family and friends, so how has this impacted his juicing journey?

I love the honesty in this post and the way nothing is sugar coated. Anyway, over to Mark…

Are You Suffering With Post Holiday Blues?

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You Are What You Eat!

I have always maintained that spending time and socialising with family and friends is just as important as getting the diet right. That is why I have always been a bit more forgiving about what I ate and drank over weekends.

The last few weeks I have probably let that philosophy get a little out of control. Although on most days I have had at least one juice my other meals could have been much better choices.

Do You Suffer With PFS?

I’m sure I must suffer with a condition that makes me react to poor food choices more than most. I only have to look at a roast dinner, a pizza or a bit of dessert and I can feel my weight increasing. I have decided that there must be a condition and I have decided that it will be called PFS (Poor Food Sensitivity).  Its all nonsense of course and its all my own doing but it is quite alarming how quickly good work can unravel in quite a short period of time. Its not only the weight gain that is an issue but I have also noticed that I’m feeling more lethargic and not quite as bubbly as I usually do!

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Getting Back on Track

So, I have enjoyed myself and I am now suffering the consequences! I expect this journey to present me with challenges. Its disappointing when those challenges are self inflicted but hey, I’m only human and I take responsibility for my actions. It’s time to get back on track. I’m going to detox for the next five to seven days. I will be following the Natural Juice Junkie 5 Day Detox plan as closely as I can and getting back on to the cross trainer. The detox should re align my body, my energy levels and my general mood.

Juicy News

This weeks juicy news is a really annoying weight gain of 12 lbs in three weeks! I will be honest and say that although its not totally unexpected it is worse than I thought it might be.  It just goes to show that this is a really bumpy road that we all travel but I always maintained that I would be honest throughout this journey. So here it is to see in all its glory. My weight chart for this week…


Juicing for Weight Loss: Mark Beddoe 23 Aug 2014

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